Here are some useful tips on how to deal with your split while all your ‘friends’ are watching

Breaking up is hard enough to do as it is, but the Internet has introduced a whole new slew of problems with the creation of Facebook (damn you Mark Zuckerberg). You have to deal with the public humiliation of seeing your ex change go from “in a relationship” to “single” and resisting the urge to cyberstalk on a daily basis. Here’s how YOU can survive not just your split, but the trauma of announcing your newly single status via Facebook!

  • Your New Relationship Status Should Be…Nothing There’s no need to tell the world that you’re single. Avoid the issue in the first place and leave that section of your FB page blank.
  • Please Do NOT Post Songs On Your Page! If you set your status as a sappy, sentimental song lyric, you’re just going to feel embarrassed in the long run. A) he’s going to know that you’re referring to him and B) what you may think of as deep is most likely deeply cheesy (re: anything by Mariah Carey is an abomination).
  • Untagging Photos Of You & Your Ex Is Immature & Pathetic — Avoid It! Be the bigger person here. Chances are that HE will be the bigger baby and untag your photos, but you don’t have to go there. You were happy once — leave the photo as a memory of happier times.
  • Get A Life Literally. Your ex does NOT need to know every thought you’re having, but he DOES need to see that you’re out there having fun. Take lots of photos — and lot ridiculously hot in each and every one. It doesn’t hurt if there are good-looking men in said pictures, either. Just sayin’…
  • To Defriend Or Not To Defriend: That Is The Question If you’re still on good terms, keep him around as a friend — but perhaps you should put him on restricted view. However, if you’re pining for him and just intend to cyberstalk his Facebook page, defriend him. If you can’t control yourself, take the problem out of the equation. Seriously, it will help you move on.
  • Less Is More If you’re an avid Facebooker, keep your posting to a minimum, or not at all. Chances are, if he’s as busy stalking your page as much as you’re probably checking his, he’ll wonder what’s up — and where you are. Like Jackie O. once said, “Be mysterious.”

Good luck, LoveTrekkers!

Laura xo

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6 Responses
  1. Carolyn says:

    Love these bits of advice! I always defriend…I just lack a lot of self-control :)

  2. *This really answered my problem, thank you!

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  5. Sara says:

    The facebook thing just makes it so much harder… I have had to ask my ex to make his profile private so I couldnt browse through it when I was having a weak moment.

    The best break up advice aside from avoiding facebook all together is to unfriend each other and block each other for a while. Nothing personal… Just makes it less tempting.

  6. Loving the info on this site, you have done outstanding job on the articles .

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