You may NEVER travel to San Fran looking for love after you hear this!

There are so many amazing things about San Francisco that I almost feel a little guilty for the way I’m about to diss it. Alcatraz, street cars, the Steinhart Aquarium, Haight-Ashbury and the World Series-winning Giants are just a few highlights. But San Franciscan men? I wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole!

Here’s the thing: San Fran is predominantly a gay city — meaning, you’re going to find a hell of a lot of gay men and the single gals who love them. The downside to living in a city with so many homosexual men is that you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a straight one. It’s like sifting for gold — and being happy when you come up with rocks.

I wouldn’t simply tell you to stay away from a city because there aren’t any straight boys though. In fact, the straight men are the problem!

After speaking to at least a dozen straight, single guys that live in the California city (none of whom was particularly attractive, mind) it became clear to me that most of the men I met were smug, arrogant bastards who bragged about how ‘easy’ it was to ‘get laid’ and ‘hook up’ in San Francisco. I was forced to endure conversation about how ‘women were gagging for a good guy because there were so few around.’ Shocking, I know.

Don’t despair though. If you do happen to live in San Francisco and think a good man is hard to find (and I believe it IS there!), the surfer’s paradise of Santa Cruz is just 70 miles to the south; Monterey is a mere 40 miles away.

Just thought I’d throw some caution your way, LoveTrekkers. You’re looking for love, not assholes, after all…

Laura xo

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