You now have a way of grooming while traveling — try Shobha’s sugaring kit

First off, let me clear something up — I am NOT condoning sleeping with a guy you JUST met on vacation. HOWEVER – ahem – situations DO arise, and for that alone you should be grateful that Shobha exists. It sucks to be stuck in a foreign city without a clue as to where to go for a bikini wax!

That’s why Shobha’s sugaring kit is so perfect. Waxes – especially Brazilians – hurt like a mofo. This method is completely painless and there’s the added bonus that you can do it yourself (meaning, no one else has to see your bits!).

It’s fairly simple: heat the gel, lather it on lightly, take a denim strip and pull. No ouchies involved! I daren’t say I felt like a new woman after trying this product, but I did feel extremely pleased with myself that I had conquered the waxer’s trade.

Unfortunately, you may have to check the gel in your luggage (it’s 8 oz, not 4), but still – better to be safe than sorry, right?

Shobha’s Sugaring Kit, $30

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