This Glee hottie has his issues with us — and I, for one, hear where he’s coming from. Do you?

Chord Overstreet — best known as Glee newbie Sam Evans — is using his puffier-than-Angelina pout to state what he doesn’t get about women. I hate to say it, but much of what this dude says makes sense. Check out what he had to say in this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine and I guarantee you’ll be saying ah! (and not just about how pretty he is, either)…

“You’re weirdly Facebook-sensitive. Our relationship shouldn’t have to be on Facebook for you to consider it real.”

“You keep asking what we think. Sometimes, we’re trying to spare your feelings. So please don’t force us to talk when we don’t want to.”

“You take the ‘play it cool’ thing too far on first dates. It makes it seem like you’re not into us — so we won’t call.”

“You blame us for looking at your cleavage. Isn’t that kind of the point?”

“You wait forever to text back. We’re not going to analyze how soon you respond. We take things at face value.”

“You dump a guy then insist on staying friends. It’s okay to admit there’s to much baggage and move on.”

“You claim nothing’s wrong. Just say what’s up so I can try to make things right.”

“You dated d-bags. There are too many nice guys to put up with the jerks.”

“You’re always late. If you know you take an hour to get ready, why wait so long to start putting on makeup?”

“You refuse to accept compliments. Take note: Confidence is sexy. Just say Thank you.”

What do you think about this, LoveTrekkers? Do Chord’s gripes make sense? Weigh in below and leave a comment!

Laura xo

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    offffft ohh yes plz

  2. Cool, I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and …

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