While we’re making our new years resolutions, don’t be afraid to change your dating game

Happy 2011, LoveTrekkers! This is YOUR year. How do I know? Because you’re going to make it that way — and I’ll be right there with you!

Put the mistakes you made in 2010 where they belong — in the past — and get ready for a new era. This year you will be strong, confident and happy. You will NOT accept bullshit from losers, you will NOT sit by your cell phone waiting for a man to call you, and you will be ready to cut your losses if something doesn’t work out.

If you think I sound too demanding, I’m sorry — but let me explain why I’m being such a pain in the ass. In 2010, I sat and listened while my female friends shared stories about dudes they were dating and wondered why said men were such jerks. They couldn’t understand why their guys were behaving so badly, and why they weren’t calling.

In this respect, I’m going to have to go all He’s Just Not That Into You and say the one lesson I wish I had learned earlier (but again — no regrets. It’s a new year!): you cannot change him, you cannot understand him, and you cannot force him to like you. CUT YOUR LOSSES. If something isn’t working out, move on. Don’t hold yourself back because you think he’s the right one. If a relationship is right, it works. End of story.

Don’t be afraid to branch out and try someone new. If you usually date bankers, go for a struggling artist. If a new type doesn’t work out, hey — at least you tried, right? Life is all about learning and making mistakes — and not beating ourselves up when things don’t go according to plan.

Be open to love this year — and chill out if it doesn’t happen immediately. Focus on what makes YOU happy. Deal?

Laura xo

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