Who says you have to settle down right away? Be like Blake Lively and date as men men as you please!

Men get away with so much more BS than we women do. We certainly handle breaking up from our respective other in completely different ways. I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling blue the last thing I want to do is go to a bar and make myself presentable. I want to sit at home, glugging cheap champagne straight out of the bottle and overdosing on sappy crap like Love, Actually. Watching my male friends go through similar experiences, however, is a revelation. They not only go out with a vengeance, but they make moving on — sexually, at least — their mission. They are nearly always successful. I can’t switch from meaningful to meaningless in the bat of an eyelid, but I’m completely in awe of girls who can. Blake Lively, you are my hero.

This Gossip Girl sure has been getting around since splitting from her longtime boyfriend Penn Badgley in October. She’s being romanced by my favorite sensitive hottie Ryan Gosling AND the lisp-tastic thespian (try saying that six times fast) Leonardo DiCaprio — and those are only the men who know of.  But here’s the thing: if the situation were reversed, Blake would have been hailed as a hero. Personally, I think her ability to navigate the post-breakup world like the champ she is makes her sexy, not slutty.

Let me break it down for you: the girl is 23. She was in a committed relationship with Penn for THREE YEARS. Her movie career  is seriously taking off. Why should she rush into anything serious when the world is her oyster?

For those of you who AREN’T big-time movie stars (ahem), the same rules apply. If you dated your boyfriend for a long period of time and broke up, you need to give yourself time and freedom before rushing into another relationship. It isn’t fair to you OR the next guy who might love you if you’re not ready to really commit.

Enjoy your single status for as long as you can. When you’re ready for love again, you’ll know it. In the meantime, girls just want to have fun..right?

Happy free loving (for those of you brave enough to do it)!

Laura xo

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  1. Oh indeed, I’ve been doing this one….just hopped over to the site Laura, LOVE IT. This newly(ish) single chick can use it :)

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  4. Do you know what the actual problem with the most of the women is? They are way too nice. Catering his each and every need. You need to really just attempt to stand up for yourself instead to make sure he’s the one who works to have an attention from you. That is the way it should be in nature.

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