Lindsay Lohan is doing it, but she’s being a dumbass!

Life lesson #1: NEVER force yourself on someone who doesn’t want to be with you. You are fabulous, fierce and fantastic. Why shouldn’t the dating world be your oyster? However, there are those rare few who forsake us in life and we have to admit to ourselves that sometimes, a relationship is just finito, done, O-V-E-R. Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan can’t get that fact through her silly little head and, in fact, is moving to be close to an ex (Samantha Ronson) that no longer wants her. Um, hello…could there BE a dumber move?

Oh Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay — will you never learn? Lindsay Lohan is taking her notoriously turbulent relationship with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson to another level by moving in across the street from her! This is a completely stupid move — and here’s why!

The troubled starlet is one week away from finishing up a 90 day stint in rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic, and seems to think the answer to her problems is being close to her ex. Even worse, she plotted the move to a beachside pad in Venice, California without informing Sam! But trying to recapture golden moments from her past is only going to cause Lindsay more pain in the long run.

Although Lindsay’s case is the extreme, as a ‘former’ (we’ll see, won’t we?) addict, she needs to cut ties with all of her addictions, which include drugs, alcohol and, yes, Samantha. If her ex rejects her, it might send her into a downward spiral, where she turns to the vices that she’s spent the last three months avoiding.

I’m sure you’re nothing like Lindsay Lohan, but moving to be near your ex is still a terrible idea all around. For starters, your former BF (or GF, in this case) is an ex for a reason. Whether it was because you ended or he did, the relationship still didn’t work for a reason.

Secondly, you’re trying to recreate a moment from the past when you SHOULD be moving forward. We don’t finally heal until we allow ourselves to let go, and putting yourself in the line of fire is a no-no. Clearly you’re moving to be next to your former partner because you’re remembering the good times, and not the bad and selective memory can be dangerous!

Finally, remember that you are putting yourself in a situation where you’ll have to see your ex all the time. Maybe not every single day (unless you’re waiting by your front door for him to come home), but often. You will see when he brings another girl home, you will know if he has another girlfriend. Why cause yourself all that unnecessary pain? Just because you want something to be so — like fantasizing that the two of you will get back together — doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. So move on please…and not next door.

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  1. I don’t know what made you write this post but I enjoy reading it.

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