What ARE the new rules?

I am so damn sick of that antiquated piece of garbage The Rules...but mostly because there’s so much truth to its ‘let him chase you’ and ‘don’t wait by the phone’ BS. The authors didn’t anticipate that we would literally always have our phones on us, thus, always be waiting by the phone for his call. How could they? How could they have predicted that he’d see our every move on Facebook, or a simple tweet stating our whereabouts could lead to arguments and calamity? So how do we play this modern day game and win?

Match.com actually did a formal study, polling 5,000 Americans, and have scoped out the fundamentals of modern-day dating, and the tricks that we ladies employ to score the guy of our dreams. Here’s what they discovered:

Ice Queens Prevail. One in four women between the ages of 21-34 act totally uninterested by ignoring calls, emails and texts, but women over 35 are more up-front, admitting they’re not that into you.

Why Wait? We don’t want to — so we don’t. Over half of the women polled called the guy instead of waiting around for him to hit her up.

We Want To Text Each Other Up…Especially After A Great Date. 1/3 of both men and women text one another after their excellent night on the town to say they had a good time. I’m on board with this — it IS only polite, after all.

Add Me, Potential Boyfriend. 26% of singletons between the ages of 21-35 think it’s cool to add your potential BF as a friend on Facebook after 2-3…and that’s mostly just so stalk.

Kiss Me, I’m Not Sober. Most men thought it was cool to kiss on the first date, while only one out of four women thought it was socially acceptable. Are you ladies prudes or what? What the study SHOULD have asked is whether or not the gal in question wasn’t kissing her first date because she was into him in the first place.

Boyfriend or Bust (A Nut). About 25% of women said they were waiting for the guy in their lives to make it official before they did the deed — and, shockingly, men agree: over 32% of the men polled said they would wait to sex up the lady they were really into.

Just some food for thought on a Tuesday, my friends. Now here’s another, solid question. How do we manage to navigate this modern-day dating minefield?

Laura xo

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  10. Hey there just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

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  12. Hey, really good post. Made me wonder. How would this apply in my country?

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