Want some really rugged men? Look no further than the rainforest!

When I woke up at 6 AM yesterday for a day trip to the Daintree rainforest, I was not at my best. I’d slept for three hours and was up at the crack of dawn to potentially wrestle with crocodiles, golden orb spiders and a plethora of other jungle beasts — all without the aid of coffee. But thanks to a cheerfully romantic (and well-rested from a two-month holiday) tour guide named Murray and some very easy on the eyes adventure guides, I had the time of my life in Queensland — and learned a hell of a lot about the ‘dating’ practices the men who live in the forest employ.

After stopping to pick up my two fabulous Wisconsin-born tourmates Robyn (a beer aficionado) and J.R. (who has the memory of an elephant) we set forth from Port Douglas, Australia and made our way through the rainforest with Back Country Bliss Adventures. After a few lessons on the incredible wildlife and history of the Daintree (and a necessary pitstop in the neighboring town of Mossman), Murray deposited us at the Cape Tribulation Jungle Surfing company with a good-looking, ginger-haired bloke from Newcastle named Lee. Lee was hot, but then, in my experience, zip-lining guides in general are pretty damn sexy.

Even sexier was his co-worker, Gordon. The Maltese jungle guide made up for his terrible name with his killer good looks — and a mesmerizing pair of sea green eyes. They nicknamed me “Barbie”  and sassed me around the jungle while I flew through the trees. They didn’t care that I had bags under my eyes or that I had an American accent. They liked that I could sass them right back and that I was fearless. The normal outside shit didn’t matter. Naturally, I had a kick-ass time.

Lee and Gordon are effortlessly good-looking, live in the jungle where there’s barely any electricity and less than 600 people between two towns and are constantly dirty from cleaning equipment and sweating in the sultry rainforest. It doesn’t detract form their appeal at all. In fact, these two guys clean up on the woman front — and here’s why.

Most of the tour groups making their way for adventure travel in the forest are women. There’s horseback riding on the beach, helicopter tours, jungle surfing, nature walks, etc — most of which are led by men. The men have their niche. They are seen as rugged, masculine and endlessly sexy — and the women who take their tours are more than happy to not only be flirted with, but to have a vacation romance with a guy who’s so effortlessly easy that you won’t need to play the usual games.

Did I enjoy flirting with Gordon? Hell yeah I did — because I didn’t have to think about it, or where it would go, or if I wanted to see him again. It was an enjoyable afternoon doing something I loved (jungle surfing) being clearly appreciated by a good-looking man. Sometimes, my friends, that is better than a vacation romance. In fact, sometimes it’s just what we all need.

Laura xo


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  2. Daron Hopp says:

    Thanks so much for the article.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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