If you don’t know his name, I’ve got news for you: you should

It is my duty as a love-seeking travel bum to not only spread the general word about what kind of men you’ll find in different locales, but to specifically hand-pick a select few you definitely must meet. You can thank me later for introducing you to Jont Whittington, a fantastically gorgeous, bohemian Brit currently living in Sydney, Australia. If you aren’t swayed by his pretty looks, then he’ll have you at hello as soon as he opens his mouth…I promise.

I first met Jont while I was a university student in 2000 when I randomly decided to give the pub a miss for one night out of seven and culture myself at London’s infamous jazz club, Ronnie Scott’s. Backed by a full band, he was magnificent and heartbreaking — but it wasn’t until I heard him alone on the guitar that I realized his music had incredible depth.

So rest assured, the British troubadour isn’t just a pretty face: he’s got talent, drive and artistic sensibilities in spades. In fact, he’s so into the idea that art and music should be accessible to everyone, that he’s actually the brainchild of “Unlit” — a free event that takes place in people’s homes around the world where musicians, poets and spoken-word artists band together. Essentially, it’s like a giant party with actual talent, not a guy on a guitar mangling the Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody.”

By now you’re probably thinking that his name does sound vaguely familiar, and you’d be right. You may have heard Jont’s songs on The Wedding Crashers soundtrack or Grey’s Anatomy and if you’ve seen Love, Actually you’ll definitely recognize him as the good-looking guitarist who performs an electric solo during Keira Knightley’s wedding scene.

Unfortunately for those of you living in the U.K. who had gotten used to Jont’s long-standing weekly gig at 12 Bar Club, he’s moved to Sydney for a change of pace and now has a weekly residency at Bondi Beach‘s Mocean lounge. Your loss, London. Jont is definitely one to watch. Just remind me to say ‘I told you so’ when you fall in love with the man…and his music.

I’ll leave you with his song, “Sweetheart”, which aired on Grey’s. But if you ever come across a bootleg copy of “Taking My Time”, buy it immediately — it very well may be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Would I ever lie to you about something I love?

Keep on trekking,

Laura xo

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Didn’t I meet him in London when you came to visit me a couple of years ago?

  2. ben jayston says:

    Used to have Jont over Fridays in Manchester for the original unlit sessions before they were ‘unlit’, if you like ‘taking my time’, try get him to play ‘moonburn’, or a song about sitting in his mama’s shopping trolley! Love the guy, a real angel amongst men…I have a really early demo tape around somewhere for when he gets famouserer…

    • jont says:

      ahhh really ben! yeah, “mothersong” was the one about the shopping trolley….those were the very first times I picked up a guitar and tried to sing my songs….lets find it when i pass through Sedona…xxx j

  3. Adore this article. Where did you uncover these details?

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