You need to move on somehow, right? Should it be with someone like THIS guy?

It’s over. You loved him, but you’re smart enough to realize that the only way in hell you’ll get him out of your mind is to get someone else to take his place. But what kind of man should be your ex’s temp?

I don’t mean to sound shallow or cold, but I’m a realist. Breakups suck, and in my experience, I’ve found it’s better to find someone new and completely wrong to get over the one that mattered. What’s the use of sitting in your room, playing sad sack love songs over and over? It’s like rubbing salt in an already bloody wound. Do something (or someone) proactive!

But who?

For starters, don’t go out of your way to choose someone who’s the antithesis of your ex. That’s going to do you about as much good as picking someone who could be his twin — it will still be a constant reminder. So go for that guy that you’d never dare in a million years to date because your sensible self knows at heart that he’s danger and just not the type to settle down.

It’s usually safe to assume that many musicians aren’t going to be a good fit as a long-term boyfriend, but there are plenty of other single men that fit the bill. Dive instructors, pilots, surfers and bartenders are all great rebound boys.

This is not to say that you definitively won’t get into a serious relationship with one of these types, but by nature, they’re wanderers…and I’m not just talking about what they do for a living.

It’s hard moving on, so find someone who’s going to distract you. I’d hazard a guess that he won’t have a problem with your no strings attached policy, but on the off-chance that your new laissez-faire attitude attracts him and makes him want to settle down (slim to nil chance of that though, ladies), it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Feel empowered yet?

Laura xo

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  9. Shad Prieto says:

    Just got out a relationship with my boyfriend and I have found a lot of excellent info on this blog. It has honestly helped me out.

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  14. Dating says:

    You’ve got great insights about rebound relationships, keep up the good work!

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