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Bonafied hottie Paul Walker tells us why dudes do the things they do — and here’s what I think about his answers

Ever wonder why a guy you liked — or even a guy you had a mediocre first date with — didn’t call you back? You thought you were having a great time, and why wouldn’t he like you? You’re gorgeous, charming and a catch, dammit! Fast Five star Paul Walker tells Cosmopolitan the reason a man would find us less than perfect.

  • IGNORING THE WAITRESS. “I was raised to believe that eye contact is important. If a girl can’t give someone who’s helping her that consideration, I’m not impressed.”
  • WHAT I SAY: OK, that’s fair enough. Now you do your part, and don’t pay too much attention to the waitress, m’kay?

  • FORGETTING TO LAUGH “You have to have a sense of humor. If something goes wrong on a date, you need to be able to shrug it off.”
  • WHAT I SAY: We’ll laugh, alright, unless you act like a complete jackass. So don’t, and you’ll swear we’re related to the Cheshire Cat.

  • DRESSING QUESTIONABLY “I can’t stand furry boots and Apple Bottom jeans. I don’t know why.”
  • WHAT I SAY: Fair enough. Does anyone like Apple Bottom jeans? Everyone has their thing. I don’t like my men to wear receding hairlines or backwards baseball caps. It’s all a matter of taste.

  • CURSING LIKE A SAILOR “Foul language is okay if it happens every once in a while, like when a guy drops the ball during a football game. But i’s definitely a turn-off if she’s too loose with it.”
  • WHAT I SAY: Excuse me, Paul Walker, but it’s fine for a guy to curse like a sailor at a stupid sports game and we’re not allowed to swear when we break a nail? (OK, OK, that’s a bad example). But what in the hell is wrong with an occasional curse word?

  • PLANNING EVERYTHING “When a girl tries to schedule every detail, it says to me that she has no sense of adventure.”
  • WHAT I SAY: Well said. But when you plan nothing, sometimes we’re kind of forced to. Just saying…

  • PRIMPING FOR PANCAKES “I get that it takes time to get ready, but an hour? Especially if we just woke up and want to get breakfast. It’s like, ‘Please, can’t we eat already?”
  • WHAT I SAY: This is complete and utter crap (back to cussing, sorry). Men either roll out of bed and look fine — especially post-coitally — while our hair, eye makeup and clothes from the night before make us look like we’ve been on a big old whore tour. We are women. We have more hair (on our heads, I’m not talking about your backs) than you do. Maybe an hour is a little extreme, but we definitely need at least 30. Sorry, deal with it.

  • TAKING HIM FOR GRANTED “It’s important to acknowledge and appreciate nice gestures. A hug or a ‘thank you’ is critical.”
  • WHAT I SAY: Two-way street, buddy. Two-way street.

  • TALKING SMACK “It’s a sign of insecurity when she constantly trashes other people. No guy wants to be around that negativity.”
  • WHAT I SAY: Here I whole-heartedly agree with you, Paul. Talking shit about someone else is a sign of insecurity, and should not be done on a date. Ladies, leave the wrath at home.

  • MAKING HIM YOUR SHRINK “Obviously, when people have issues, you want to be there for them. But if everything is one-sided — it’s always about her day or her drama — that’s not a partnership.”
  • WHAT I SAY: I sort of, kind of agree with him here. You don’t want to make a dude into your ‘shrink’ on a first date or in early stages of your relationship, but if you’re in a serious relationship, you share your problems. That’s just a given.

  • LIGHTING UP “It’s irresponsible, and it smells horrible. A pack of cigarettes in her purse is a sign to keep walking.”
  • WHAT I SAY: Yeah, cigarettes smell. Yes, they’re bad for you. But 20.8% of Americans smoke, and the fact that Paul seems to think it makes a woman a bad person is his opinion — not fact — for the rest of his sex.

    Laura xo

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  1. Carolyn says:

    When I loved him in junior high/high school, I remember an article (probably in like Teen Beat or something) in which he said that his favorite part of a woman was her abs. He liked a small waste and tight abs or something along those lines. So I tried to work out and slim down for about a week until I realized that I would never meet him and probably wouldn’t live up to his expectations. EVER. Haha. Now it just seems like he’s expecting even more! No wonder he’s still single!

  2. Nicolas says:

    sois derechos, esto es puntual

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  9. Sandy Guyer says:

    That is great! Keep on with the blogging!

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