What’s a foolproof outfit that will make you more desirable to men?

I’m going to share with you a piece of wisdom that I learned a long, long time ago from a very wise man. This man, a dating expert himself, told me what men want to see you wearing on a first date. Not going to lie, ladies — this one golden nugget has gotten me through dozens of great first dates over the last four years. So let me get to it already, shall I?

Back in the day when I was young (er) and less wise about the ways of men, I imparted the wisdom of Matt Titus, the author of Why Hasn’t He Called Yet? Matt was my expert on a story, and, as a thank you, let me take his personalized dating boot camp class. Part of said instruction is going through your closet and telling you why you might be failing on a first date. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your dating personality — and by this I mean some gals get nervous, twitchy or act unlike themselves — but by the clothing choices you’re making.

For example: if you think a LBD is a great first date outfit, you’ve got another thing coming. Black says ‘high maintenance’ and a dress says ‘too fussy.’ What you want is something effortlessly sexy and cool. Which is why that perfect outfit is…drum roll please…a white T and jeans.

It’s so simple that it’s actually kind of genius, no? Well-fitting jeans are laid-back, a white shirt relaxed and comfortable. If you’ve got the body to pull it off and it’s summer (do not try this look in the wintertime girls!), I’d even go with a white tank. . They come in packs of three from Hanes. Buy them.

Very few of us can pull this look off with Converse aside from the tall, skinny model types, so slide some understated nude or tan wedges on your feet. You don’t want him to notice your shoes, after all. Keep your makeup simple as well — perhaps a subtle bit of bronzer, some lip gloss and mascara. Do not cake on the foundation. Keep your hair down, loose and touchable without a ton of product weighing it down.

The theory behind this look is that you’re naturally pretty and you don’t need to try to snag him. You’re comfy in your own skin and happy with who you are. You look damn fine in a pair of  jeans or jeggings and you’re the kind of girl who is so low-maintenance that she’ll drink a beer at the bar and doesn’t need a Sex & the City-esque cocktail confection. This might not be you, and I’m not saying that you should have to be. What I’m saying, gals, is that this look has always worked for me — and my guess is that you’re going to have similar successes.

Now if only the guys I’ve dated had all been worthy of my stellar first date outfit…but hey, that’s why I’m the LoveTrekker, right?

Laura xo



LNA v-neck, www.lnaclothing.com, $60

L'Agence T, www.intermixonline.com, $130


Tag Elements Stayton Flare, www.shopstyle.com, $135

J Brand jeggings, www.piperlime.gap.com, $139


French Connection Tiffany jeans, www.frenchconnection.com, $138

Hello! Skinny jeans in Nite Wash, www.skinnyjeans.com, $178

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