Who doesn’t want a fantasy romance?

Are you sick and tired of waiting for your own Cinderella story? We’re inundated on a daily basis with real life fairytales come true (Kate Middleton‘s royal success story), celluloid success stories (hello, Amy Adams was a cartoon in Enchanted, and she still managed to score Patrick Dempsey) and authors like Nora Roberts weaving some mystical threads into her romance novels. So when are we going to have our fairytale moment — and where?

Disneyland may promise you castles, Snow White and her dwarves and perhaps even Eric from The Little Mermaid wearing his breeches and leather boots in the 90 degree heat. As whimsical as Disney may be, my friends, romantic it ain’t. So when I heard that a hotel in NYC was offering single ladies their own modern-day Cinderella story, I was into it.

However, y’all know how I feel about New York City (I loathe it). But then, most of the guys that live in Manhattan proper aren’t my cup of tea, and the Brooklyn hipsters smell a bit too much like stale cigarette smoke to be palatable. So I may need a guinea pig to test-drive this potentially enchanted weekend outing in the Big Apple.

But here’s the info: instead of Cinderella, the InterContinental New York Barclay is offering something they like to call “Cindi and the City.” It sounds like the Carrie Bradshaw version of a fairytale only, you won’t have to chase after  your own Mr. Big for years, and, if, you do finally manage to get him to the alter, he won’t be a douche.

“Cindi in the City” sounds very much like the perfect weekend away with your girlfriends.The package features weekend accommodations in a suite, a welcome “Cinderella” cocktail, a Glass Slipper amenity (I’m curious as to what that means, too) and orchestra seats to the American Ballet Theatre‘s production of Cinderella, as well as the chauffeured town car that will get you there and back.

So yeah, this does sound like the ultimate chick weekend and not the best ‘fantasy’ locale to meet a man. However, as usual, I’ve done my lovetrekking homework, and have a list of places in the area where you might meet a guy. So really, you’ve got the best of all worlds: good friends, a classy weekend, some hotties…and hope. So don’t be afraid to lose that glass slipper (amenity) — you never know who might pick it up!

Here are some great man-meeting spots not far from your hotel/Lincoln Center.

Where to go when you’re dressed like a lady:

Whiskey Park 100 Central Park South

King Cole Bar (inside the St. Regis Hotel) 2 West 55th Street

Stone Rose 10 Columbus Circle (inside the Time Warner Center)

Hudson Hotel (I love the Library Bar)356 West 58th Street

Where to go when you’re casual:

Heartland Brewery 625 8th Ave. at 41st St.

Traffic 986 2nd Avenue

Mickey Mantle’s 42 Central Park South

P.J. Clarke’s 205 E 55th St

Price: $695 for the package based on the room’s double occupancy.

Available: June 21, 22, 23, 24 or 25.

To book: call 212-906-3254 or email tamara.betances@ihg.com.

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