What you need to know before you go

My favorite time of year is upon us — that time being the Coachella Music Festival. Great bands, good parties, hot boys…what more could you ask for? However, you need to be well-prepared when you hit Indio, CA. You’ll be hot, sweaty and probably not completely looking you best. Here’s what you need to bring while you’re listening to your favorite bands and looking for the indie boy of your dreams.

First off, Indio is HOT — usually about 90 to 95 degrees, and there isn’t a reprieve from the sun unless you’ve bought $700 VIP tickets. It’s muddy, dusty, dirty and you’ll have to use port-a-potties. You also may not have time to change. These are all things I wish I had known last year, so I’m imparting my wisdom to you.

The most important thing of all: you’ll need a big ass bag to carry everything but your kitchen sink (and maybe even that, if just to wash your hands). You’ll need it be a bit hippy-esque, as the vibe at Coachella is very laid-back. But don’t go thinking that laid-back means a simple T and jean shorts. You need to look stylish.

Make sure your day outfit is light and you aren’t wearing dark colors. Rompers, floaty dresses with vests and booties (no heel) are ideal. Grab some lightweight jewelry, a cool fedora and some Wayfarer-type sunglasses to complete your look. I’d also wear a bikini under your clothes, just in case you wind up wanting to go into the pool at one of the many parties that go on during the festival.

I’d also throw an extra outfit and a pair of sandals in your bag for nighttime, as well as some light bronzer (it will soak up oil), colored lip gloss and mascara/eyeliner. You may even want to include a lightweight hoodie or throw in your bag for nighttime, as it can get cold in the valley.

What else do you need? Hand sanitizer, for starters and CASH. There’s a beer tent and food trucks at the festival, and you will definitely be hungry and thirsty after all the dancing you’ll be doing in the Safari tent.

I know this is going to sound a little lame, but you should also be wearing a smile. Everyone is in a feel good, happy place at Coachella, and as long as you look approachable, I swear you’re going to score — or, at the very least, meet some very cool people.

FYI: if you DO meet a dude and he gives you his number and wants to meet up, make sure you include the time you actually text him in the message. There’s such poor service and the plethora of people with cell phones at Coachella makes getting in touch impossible: you’ll find yourself receiving texts 30 minutes or more after the other person sent them!

Happy festival going!

Laura xo


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