A new study proves that we aren’t as high-maintenance as men think we are. It’s all in their heads!

Guys, you think we ladies ain’t messin’ wit you if you’re broke, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, a new study proves that we women actually aren’t into fancy date nights as much as you think we are, and that you’re putting way too much pressure to make things perfect on yourselves. Meaning: don’t blame us if you want to spend your dough!

“When it comes to dating, men are three times more likely to think there are high expectations on how much money they need to spend,” Match.com‘s dating expert, Whitney Casey, says of the dating website’s new study. “But that isn’t the case. Women said it doesn’t matter to them how much men spend on a date. In fact, most women don’t want expensive dates; they’d prefer something more casual.”

So what are the results of this study? Match polled 550 men and women in late March, and here’s what they found…

  • Men think we need to be wined and dined (and they just want to be…you know): Guys think we need an expensive dinner, but 58% of don’t actually want a fancy date. We’d rather meet up for coffee, and we’re cool with going Dutch.
  • Coupons are OK? 46% of women apparently think it’s fine for their date to pay with a coupon. I disagree here: that’s a complete dating faux pas. Tack-city.
  • He’s spending WHAT? Guys spend an average of $50 per date; we spend half that if we’re paying.
  • But we don’t get off cheap…we’re spending just as much as the guy spends looking good for him! It ain’t easy being gorgeous, which is why 65% of us are buying new outfits, getting blowdrys and spending our salary on new makeup.
  • Hey may not spend a lot on the actual date, but he better not be broke! 74% of singles said they’d reevaluate their relationship if they realized their partner was in debt.
  • Here’s a tip: tip generously. You may just be taking us out for ice cream, but 82% of us said that we’d think you were a real sweetie for tipping your waitress well.

I totally agree with most everything in this study. Personally, it makes me feel uncomfortable to be taken to a really nice restaurant. I don’t want to have to dress up or act like someone I’m not. A dive bar, cheap tequila and enjoying stale tortilla chips doesn’t make me any less of a person, although I have had the complaint, “Why don’t you like to go anywhere nice?” from men before. You know who you are.

It’s a relief to know that there are other women like me, who aren’t all about the bells, whistles and bullshit that often accompany dating. We’re either looking for excitement or something as simple as a good conversation. Which just goes to show, talk really is cheap sometimes, and sometimes we’re OK with that.

Laura xo

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Just thought you might like to see this! Haha: http://blog.grubwith.us/discount-dating

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