Welcome to Facemate. Your love match might just be your male doppelganger!

Have you ever noticed those couples who just seem to fit together perfectly? No, I’m not talking about those cheesy ass mofo’s who accessorize like they’re going to prom together (minus the corsage, of course), but the duos who give you pause from your usual snark to sigh, “What a beautiful couple.” These toothy twosomes are the basis behind Facemate, a new dating sight that promises to find you a yin to your yang that will actually resemble you. It just might take awhile…but when it comes to love, what else is new?

I’ve always thought there was more to finding your true match — like common interests, chemistry and values — but I could be wrong. Is this semi-scientific approach the way to go? In the name of research, I joined and discovered that, to become a Facemater, you simply have to upload a photograph of yourself. That.is.it. After clicking on the ‘analyze photo’ button, nothing happens. Presumably our photographs are sent to a black hole somewhere waiting for Mr. Right Because He Looks Like Me to come along.

While I’m griping because I don’t believe I do have a male doppelganger, let me explain how the Facemate software works. The program hones in on nine different facial features – the eyes, ears, nose, chin and both corners and centers of the mouth — and voila! You’ve got your other half.

But the site wouldn’t work as a dating site if it relied on matchmaking soul/physical twins alone. In an ever-so-slightly cop-out kind of way, Facemate also allows you to match yourself up with guys who have similar styles/values.

While I do like the premise behind this — because who wouldn’t love themselves (unless you have real issues, and if you don’t adore yourself, I’m sincerely sorry)? But waiting around for your perfect match online is the equivalent of waiting for Prince Charming – it may happen one day in a land far, far away, but it ain’t gonna happen now, and you probably won’t be wearing a tiara when you do find him.

But in the meantime, if see any blue-eyed, sandy-haired rascals who love music, wear nothing but T-shirts and love talking about love, send him my way, won’t you?

Laura xo

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  1. Carolyn says:

    For other readers, here is a link to an SNL skit featuring this idea! http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/me-harmony/229060/

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