Now that Prince William is taken, what other Royal lads are left to like?

Old Willy Shakespeare once said “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”, and that may be true. But he failed to mention how pretty said heads could be. Granted, the poet didn’t have this crop of young Royals to gaze at like we do. Instead, he was saddled with the pointy-chinned, sunken-eyed King James I. But I digress. We’re losing the most eligible lad of them all, Prince William, to a life of (hopefully) matrimony with the gorgeous Kate Middleton. Now that Wills is off the market, what other Royal lads are left for us to lust over?


#1 Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, Duke of  Varmland

Prince Carl deserves the #1 slot for a reason. He’s an international playboy beloved by all who, though is the first male in line for Sweden’s throne (his sister, Princess Victoria, should be queen, but backward-ass Sweden observes male-preferred primogeniture). Carl is 31, studied art at RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design in my home state) and studied anatomy, as well, with Swedish model Sofia Hellqvist. This absolutely stunning man is also sporty: he loves soccer, swimming and has skied Sweden’s famous Vasaloppet, the longest cross country ski race in the world; he is currently racing in the Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia. Sorry for the cheese factor but I couldn’t resist: Prince Carl will definitely get your motor running…

#2 Prince Henry of Wales, a.k.a. Prince Harry

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you find Harry more appealing than his big brother William? In the U.K., a ginger boy like the 26-year-old British prince is referred to as a ‘ginger minger’ meaning: redheads are fugly. I don’t know who made that poor judgement call, because this flame-haired Royal is just adorable. He went to school at Eton, serves in the British army and knows how to fly a helicopter. Hot! He’s also a mean horseback rider, plays polo like a champ and isn’t afraid to frequent trendy London nightclubs like Boujis. The only problem with hot-headed Harry is that he can’t seem to quit on-again/off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy; she’s even rumored to be his date to Wills’ April 29 wedding.


#3 Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este

Is there some rulebook that says princes must serve in the military? 25-year-old Amedeo is a reserve officer in the Belgian army who received his undergrad degree from the London School of Economics (re: his English is probably flawless). He loves rugby (meaning he’s tougher than the average guy) and might just be the perfect man for you American ladies, as he lives in NYC working for Deloitte, the largest private professional services organization in the world. Oh yeah, and he seems to be single — but you never know about those shady New York boys, do you?


#4 Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco

It might be his big, slightly more feminine brother Andrea who gets all the family praise with his flowing blond locks and voluptuous lips, but it’s Pierre Casiraghi who’s the hottie of the family. The 23-year-old hottie grew up in France, called the (now deceased) screen icon Grace Kelly ‘grandma’ and speaks four languages fluently: French, German, Italian and English. This saxophone-playing pretty boy studied economics in Milan (where he lives part time, Rome is his other home), but it isn’t known as to whether or not he graduated. Like his big bro, he has a taste for gorgeous girls like models Fernanda Lessa and Caroline Winberg; however, he traded them both in for stunning — and smart — law student Beatrice Borromeo. Unfortunately ladies, yes, he’s taken. Don’t shed any tears just yet though — he is 23, after all. He’s got loads more dating to do before he settles down!


#5 Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein, Count of Rietberg

Liechtenstein‘s Prince Wenzeslaus has been demoted to last spot on the Royal Hot List for several reasons. One, he is 36 and has never been married meaning: he likes being unfettered and free to do as he pleases. Two, he once dated Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, which means you will never have a shot of dating him in a thousand and one reincarnations. Thirdly, this means he is a modelizer. Ew. So what does ‘Prince Vince’ love in life? Well, that would be money. He’s a billionaire. And women. Yeah, not the best bet of the bunch, is he?

Laura xo

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  1. ScMona says:

    Thanks for leaving ‘Uncle Andy’ (aka Prince Andrew), the middle-aged Duke of York out of the mix Laura !!!!

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