Did you know that tequila actually has health benefits? Being healthy never sounded so good

Regardless of whether you’re man-hunting on vacation or simply being a girl who wants to have fun, getting sick is not part of your plan. Being ill away from home — especially on one of your rare days off — sucks. But it can be avoided — and you ARE going to have to try this at home, kids, because you’re probably not going to believe me otherwise. Yup, tequila is your all-purpose go-to remedy!

Gordon, one of the fine folks I met in Mexico, recommended that another of my new friends, Angie, two tequila shots before going to bed one night. Angie had been sick for three days. I don’t know why in the hell she trusted him, but trust him she did. When I caught up with Angie the next day in the lobby of our hotel, the Palladium Colonial, she was 95% better. She did, in fact, look better. Her skin had lost its unhealthy pallor and she seemed like whatever ailment she had been afflicted with (Montezuma’s Revenge, perhaps?) was gonzo.

Unfortunately, Angie wasn’t the only person who got sick during an adventure in Mexican. I came down with a full-blown respiratory infection so bad that I actually had to seek out a clinic. I was lucky enough to discover Dr. Renata Uribe-Lopez in Playa del Carmen. While the doc rattled off her list of recommended prescriptions, I thought I’d check in on Gordon’s au natural cure — and was shocked by the response.

“Tequila is a wonderful cure, but not for you. You should have been drinking the tequila to prevent this, while you were starting to feel sick,” the doctor clucked, explaining, “Tequila kills bacteria. Your friend is a smart man.”

And apparently pigs fly. Getting hammered makes you healthy? Why don’t I practice this preventive measure every single night, in that case? Oh yeah, I know. Because I always wake up with a wicked hangover and am more susceptible to doing really stupid things (like singing karaoke in my underwear) when under its influence.

But I guess that’s maybe because once I get started, it’s hard to stop. Gordon’s recommended two shots seemed to work for Angie, who couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. Perhaps if you’re slightly larger than her diminutive frame you’d take three. Angie also had two glasses of water before bedtime to counteract her alcoholic intake.

Although I did believe Renata (who happens to be a fabulous doctor who’s available until 11 P.M.), I was curious as to what else tequila can do for you. As it happens, ta-kill-ya actually does the opposite. It also treats irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer, Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis, as per a study by the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. It also helps medicines do their jobs; most drugs are destroyed by acids in the stomach, and the fructan in agave, a plant used to make tequila, helps to get the drugs where they need to go.

Who knew? I guess we’ll need to think of a new phrase, because I feel a bit bad now saying ‘one tequila, two tequila, floor.’ How about ‘one tequila, two tequila, bed, better & ready to make good decisions’ instead?

On second thought…nah. Where’s the fun in being good all the time? But in terms of making healthy decisions, I’m all for it. Regardless of where you end up after a night on ‘the essence of Mexico’, it certainly won’t be in your bad, alone, with a hacking cough and an expression of abject misery, like mine.

Just saying…

Laura xo

Here are a few of my favorite libations for being a bad (but healthy) gal. FYI, when mixed with Sprite, they make a fabulous and low-calorie alternative to a margarita that I like to call a “Salty Dog.”  Don’t ask why.



Sauza® Blanco Tequila


Corazon Da Agave Blanco Tequila


Del Maguey Crema de Mezcal


Corzo Blanco


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  1. Pete Jenkins says:

    Really enjoyed the post, nice writing.

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  4. Tayna Soldan says:

    Rather weird (in a good way ;) ) site. How can I subscribe to your blog? Thank you. No hablo espanol!

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  8. Brian Moylan says:

    Mind if I link out to you in an article? We have a policy to ask first (we know bandwidth costs money). If it’s cool, just reply here and I’ll check back when editing. Happy Thanksgiving, Brian Moylan (Editor)

  9. swissdisoza says:

    Excellent post!!this blog is very informative and also very beautiful,i really appreciate your blog.Thanks for sharing this great information.

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