Is romance dead because of modern day technology?

Here’s a fun social experiment for you. Instead of texting the guy you like, get some balls (so to speak) and phone him instead. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by the results…

I was sitting around with my friend Matt tonight and we were talking about the fine art of decoding the man text. Specifically, I wanted to know why modern men don’t call anymore and, because of this, how we women should go about writing the perfect, cool message to get results.

Matt is British, and more direct than many of the American dudes I know. “If I like a girl,” he said, “I call her. All this texting is annoying, and it’s not going to get you what you want.”

He’s right, of course. I don’t want to sit around for hours, minutes or even seconds deconstructing a text message from a guy I like wondering, ‘Did he mean xy and z when he said xxx?’ I don’t want to look for hidden meanings or try to understand the vast wilderness of any male brain. I want a direct response that doesn’t need decoding.

Matt’s suggestion is so simple that it’s practically unreal, but, again, he’s right. Although it is 2011, we women still expect the guy to call us first. And if he doesn’t, we either sit around hoping he will or we text him, because it’s safer. Throw caution to the wind, ladies, and man up (so to speak) — especially if he’s not going to. At least you’ll have your answer — even if it isn’t the one you want — a lot quicker.

Talking to a guy on the phone is a brave, brazen move, especially if it is you doing the calling. Consider it a social experiment. I guarantee you, you’ll be able to gauge his interest a whole lot better and get to know him better. Texts convey nothing other than that he knows how to use a phone. Bully for him.

So if you’re sick of waiting around by the phone like a woman of eras past, then do something about it, for Pete’s sake. Make that move. Sure, it’s aggressive, but aggressive is better than being that desperado that’s waiting for something she’ll never have. Knowing is half the battle, after all.

Good luck, girls!

Laura xo

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