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A new study reveals what makes a guy into you — and what keeps him around. Are the facts correct?

Three major dating websites teamed up to answer the question all women want an answer to, which is this: what do men want? The results, while interesting, don’t ring true to me. For example, the number one trait that makes a guy initially into a woman is their ‘sexual chemistry.’ Sorry, but in my humble opinion, I’d think a man would go for something a little easier to see, like an ass, or boobs. Sexual chemistry is important, sure, but aren’t traits you can see more important upon initial contact? Guys, care to weigh in?

YourTango, and surveyed 20,000 people to determine the answer to this burning question. If the results ring true, the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus hoopla would only apply to a man’s first impression of a woman: namely, he wants to get laid. When the honeymoon phase dust settles, the study shows that guys and gals aren’t all that different in what they want from a partner: kindness, a sense of humor and an ability to communicate effectively.

I’m sorry, but perhaps I’m being a bitchy, stereotypical girl when I say that ‘kindness’ doesn’t seem like it would rank all that highly on the list during that initial drunken meeting in a bar. “Hm,” says venture capitalist Jimmy, leering at big-breasted Nadia and loosening his tie, “that looks like a nice woman. I think I want to date her.”

NO! My guess is that men can’t even get defensiveness about my snide comments because they are, in fact, the truth. Perhaps there are exceptions to this rule, but, in general, what’s going to attract him isn’t going to be your sweetness, your sense of humor, the essential spark that makes you you. Sorry ladies, but this fact remains the same around the world, regardless of where you travel to: It’s your eyes, your smile and, predominantly, your body that’s going to get him speaking the international language of love. If you’re lucky and he’s worth it, the most important things will occur to him later.


1.) Sexual chemistry
2.) Smile
3.) Kindness
4.) Sense of humor
5.) General body type
6.) Eyes
7.) Intelligence
8.) Communication skills
9.) Teeth/Lips
10.) Hair


1.) Kindness
2.) Sense of humor
3.) Communication skills
4.) Sexual prowess
5.) Intelligence
6.) Smile
7.) Listening skills
8.) Money/Wealth
9.) General body type/fitness
10.) Eyes

Laura xo

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