Or so says Jen Aniston’s dad. Which begs the question: should you ever take dating advice from you dad?

My dad is just about the coolest guy on the planet, in my humble opinion. He’s intelligent, hilarious and downright snarky when he wants to be. But would I take dating advice from him? I’m not so sure. That said, Jennifer Aniston’s dad, John, thinks he knows what kind of man is right for her daughter — and he says, when in doubt, go Greek.

“Greek men are sexier and make better boyfriends,” the veteran Days of Our Lives actor joked recently, adding that he’d like to see his perpetually sad singleton daughter settle down with a “good Greek man.”

Here are my two conflicting, rather convoluted thoughts: #1, I have been to Greece, and did not find any of the guys in Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Delos or Kos attractive. #2 I hadn’t seen THIS guy  yet (see above). #3 My dad would tell me to date an Italian. Like John Aniston, I would disagree with a dad’s opinion of whom his daughter should date.

Mind you, I was 20 when I toured Greece with my GBF, Ben, so I wasn’t in the frame of mind to really be looking for love. I’d have to return as an adult to see whether or not the natives were more to my liking. But I can tell you this as an absolute: they are all dark, swarthy and hairy, and Mykonos is a place where boys can find love with boys. Ladies, prepare yourself to play the hag and enjoy some heavy nights of drinking and be ignored sexually if you decide to visit.

Santorini, another of the islands, is supposedly the “island for lovers”, which I’ve taken to mean, after talking to a plethora of gals who have gone to the hotspot with their boyfriends, that you should go there with someone you love, as opposed to finding love there.

Please don’t think I’m ragging on Greek men. I’m not. Because my taste tends to run toward pale-faced, smart-arsed Brits, a tall, dark and sexy Mediterranean stranger isn’t automatically going to be my particular bag, baby.

Similarly, I’d have to tell my pops that his fantasy of having me marry an Italian isn’t going to happen, especially because he can give no reason for this determination other than the fact that we’re of Italian heritage. Italian + Italian = not a very good reason to fall in love.

As for Jen, her other choicesBrad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor, Gerard Butler, etc. — clearly haven’t worked out as well as she’d hoped, nor has my preference for Brits. Hmm….maybe father really does know best.

What do you think? Have you ever taken dating advice from your dad — and did it work out? I want to hear it if so!

Laura xo

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