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Let’s discuss, shall we?

I realize that I might be about to possibly uncool myself here, but up until last night, I had never heard the term ‘meriod.’ Have you? If not and you’re still curious, keep on reading — because I have a lot to say about a man’s ‘time of the month.’

En route to see Thor (only worth seeing for Chris Hemsworth‘s rock-hard abs and yes, I’m still having fantasies) I called my friend Lindsey for a catch-up chat. While talking about a mutual male friend, she groused that he was being super moody and seemed to constantly be on edge. When she casually tossed out that he “clearly had his meriod”, I was confused (sue me, I was tired).She explained, and before she had even finished I screamed out, “Brilliant! I am so writing about that!”

So what’s a meriod? The first of six entries on Urban Dictionary describe it as this: “Seperated= Man Period. The time of the month when a male feels on edge, moody, or indeed angry at everything for no apparent reason. Often called ‘Maneriod’ instead.”

Although I think the term is hilarious, it also pisses me off. Our times of the month aren’t fun or funny, they’re painful and we’re forced to get them year after year after year. Menstrual cycles are put of womanhood — so why does a guy get off so easy when he’s being a pain in the ass for no reason? We, at least, have excuses: they’re called hormones.

Trust me, I haven’t lost my sense of humor here. I’m fully using this semi-deragtaroy word forever (or until one of my full-throttle feminist female friends gets all preachy and makes me stop). I just wanted to clue you in that the word exists if, for some reason, you’re stuck in the dark ages…like me.

I think it’s fair to say that men are becoming more and more like us each day — but my fervent wish is that they actually had to experience what we go through each month. Maybe it would make them a little more sensitive to our feelings and better able to deal when we get emotional. ‘Meriod’ is already taken, so I’m going to coin a new term for how I wish guys would always be: how do you feel about Penis in Venus?

Just wondering…

Laura xo

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Haha that’s awesome! Oh and my trainer (hottie!) was telling me this morning about his recent surgery to try and determine where the blood clots in his leg are. They had to cut into the groin area and inject some dye to look at the veins. While he was telling me, I could hardly feel sorry for him. I just kept thinking, maybe you’ll be a step closer to understanding how painful childbirth is after this operation!!! Although, on second thought, I don’t want to know how painful childbirth is. So maybe I should cut him some slack!

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