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A new website promises to set you up with a member of the same sex in a foreign city so that you’ll always have a partner-in-crime!

Whether you’re traveling for work or off on a random adventure across the world, it can sometimes get quite lonely on the road when you’re flying solo. Luckily, an ingenious gal had the foresight to create a website that helps you meet pals around the world. All the better to have a partner-in-crime than to LoveTrek around the world alone, right?

Founder Anna Battiloro created the website to find new friends. Anna, a single gal in her 30s, wanted to find new party pals because most of her current female friends are married or have kids. I can identify and totally love this idea.

Although Anna initially conceived the idea for the site to find friends in her area, I don’t see why you couldn’t use this as the perfect socializing tool while traveling. More and more of us are sent on weekend or weeklong assignments for work in different cities, and it sucks to be stuck in your hotel room with nothing more than a good book to keep you company. The bonus: the ladies who utilize this site are probably going to be in a similar situation; they may not know anyone in said city, either. Instant bonding!

As with any online site, you do want to exercise caution even when meeting a platonic friend, but in general, this site should prove to be an invaluable resource for the solo female traveler. You can get very specific about the kind of gal pal you’re looking for (i.e. not just pretty girl to get drunk and meet boys with on the road) to make sure you have similar interests. Going one step further, the site asks you to describe why you’d be a good “Wing” and why others should want to spend time with you.

To be perfectly honest, I’m a bit bummed about this site — and that’s only because it didn’t exist months ago when I was in Australia all on my lonesome (I had fun alone, but I can only imagine the shenanigans I would have gotten into with a wingwoman by my side).

That said, what are you waiting for? Go on, sign up and let the random, man-hunting friendships begin!

Laura xo

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