Ever wondered why he pushed you away claiming ‘exhaustion’? Here are the answers

Envision this scenario: you’re lying in bed, rubbing your boyfriend’s arm, his leg and, eventually, his ‘member’ (otherwise known as Johnson, Mr. Peepers and Trousersnake), whereupon he wordlessly rolls over, back to you, and softly starts snoring. ‘WTF just happened?’ you think to yourself as you lie in bed, aroused, annoyed and worried, eventually convincing yourself that he was just exhausted from a long day at work. Sorry ladies, but think again. The authors of  ”He’s Just Not Up for It Anymore. Why Men Stop Having Sex. And What You Can Do About It” have listed the top ten reasons your guy isn’t jumping your bones (to rename a Madonna song) — and none of them is positive.

After polling 4,000 men, Bob Berkowitz and Susan Yager-Berkowitz uncovered the truth about why men won’t sleep with you. I’m sorry in advance if this shatters your illusions. I’m with you — this pretty much shattered mine.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Men Say They Stop Having Sex

  1. She isn’t sexually adventurous enough.
  2. She doesn’t seem to enjoy sex.
  3. I’m angry at her.
  4. I’m interested in sex with others, but not with her.
  5. I’m bored.
  6. She’s depressed.
  7. She has gained a significant amount of weight.
  8. I’m depressed.
  9. I no longer find her physically attractive.
  10. I suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Sadly, men the world around are similar. Whether he be American, British or Scandinavian, if he’s not sleeping with you, there are some fairly substantial problems afoot. Meaning: ‘to sex or not to sex, that is the question’ is an issue everywhere, and you won’t be able to escape it by traveling to a far away land.

Although I’ve learned a massive amount about the freakish way the male brain works, I will never master their thoughts fully. That said, some of these ‘reasons’ absolutely confound me. Take #5 for example. You’d think if a guy was bored that he would want to have sex to amuse himself, right? Are you with me? And #4, well, if he doesn’t want to be with you, why is he at your house (or you at his) sleeping in the same bed?

I guess it’s true that women are from Venus – and men very well might be from Mars…especially when it comes to why he refuses to use his penis.

Laura xo

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  1. Ilana says:

    I asked this very question a while ago, and pondered for many days as to what could have gone wrong and I think you could extend your list by a few new number spots.
    11. Once naked you realize he is waxed, and not just some simple maintaining but waxed of every possible piece of hair! Um He just may be but cannot admit…. he’s into DUDES and you were his last attempt to hide this fact!
    12. A little weight gain never stopped any red blooded man I know, more cushion is a current fav of said man, and if this is his reason, it’s not the weight gain its something else but he wants you to feel bad instead of him.

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  7. Ezra Kearl says:

    Excellent post over once again. Thank you:)

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  10. Amy says:

    Married 45 years and the last thing my husband would want is sex with me. He hates me and thinks I’m boring and a prude. We had sex once in all these years and he thinks its inhuman, pointless, meaning less, disgusting, messy, smelly, and not worth the effort. So hes live in the basement and worked the midnight shift so we wouldn’t be together. He’s not gay or into porn he believes that’s disturbing. I’ve lead a horrible life, just nothing from him and I would bet he’s proud of it.

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