Rep. Andrew Weiner sent strangers pictures of his penis over Twitter — but was he actually being unfaithful to wife Huma Abedin?

Certain people live Alias-style double lives. By day they are normal, law-abiding citizens. By night, they morph into their secret selves, using the Internet to let their kinky sides come out to play.  Rep. Andrew Weiner is one of these people. His proper congressional self would be appalled to know that he’s been utilizing the world wide web to send pictures of his penis — over Twitter no less! What a dumbass! — to random women. But is he cheating on wife Huma Abedin if there hasn’t been any actual physical contact with these online flings?

The House Democrat admitted that there’s been six separate online love incidents over the course of three years. Unfortunately for his wife, these affairs didn’t consist of Weiner flashing his weiner, giggling guilty behind his hand and signing off. Nope, this dick was getting ‘involved’ with the women he met in cyberspace. There is such a thing as emotional cheating, you know.

The Congressman got caught when 26-year-old Texan Meagan Broussard recognized him (his face, that is) from the series of sexual photos he sent her. She outed him because she’s probably a money-grubbing whore, but that’s besides the point. The two were engaged in a lot of back and forth emailing, which involved in-depth conversations as well as said racy pictures.

Who knows why he did it? He may not only crave but actually need the sexual attention of strangers. As a former geek, he might still feel insecure to the point that he still needs to prove to himself that he’s attractive enough to get the hot girl. Maybe he’s an exhibitionist. Maybe he was bored.

Yes, the situation definitely could have been worse — he could have been physically cheating on his other half. The fact that he (reportedly) didn’t reach out and attempt to meet any of these women speaks volumes about their marriage. I’d like to think that Weiner never actually intended to cheat on his beautiful (and allegedly pregnant) wife. I’d like to think that he’ll get psychological help, and see a therapist to discover why he needs attention so badly. I’d  hope that no one will think ill of Huma if she decides to faithfully stand by his side.

After all, as Meagan Broussard told ABC News of her nude photo-loving fling, “He’s got issues, just like everybody else.”

Laura xo

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    I dont think so – but k.

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