Should you tone it down for a first date and spice it up for a blind date? Get the fashion 411 here

If you’ve ever struggled with what to wear on a date, fret no more. If you’re on a first or a blind date, your night is already pressurized enough without having to worry about what you’re wearing. So sit back, relax and enjoy the anticipation of wondering whether or not he could be ‘the one’ with this rough guide of what baubles will make you look best on your preliminary voyage with the possible man of your dreams. FYI: this is a piece I did for the fashion-forward website Send The Trend, a favorite of Project Runway designer Christian Siriano. Happy dating, you fashionista you! 

First Date

You already know you’re attracted to the guy you’re going to be getting dinner or drinks with, so why not wear a piece that focuses the attention right where you want it? Yes, I mean your chest (sorry to be so “uncouth” but you know it’s true). Wear a simple V-neck tee to compliment this gorgeous Lana peridot glass stone pendant and watch while he gulps for air.

Blind Date

You don’t know whether or not you’re going to like this guy or not, so you don’t want to look too good. Wear a dark blouse, skinny jeans and ankle boots with the Remy silver disc bracelet. You’ll look cool and approachable in this statement bracelet without trying too hard – and if he turns out to be a total loser, at least you didn’t look like you put a ton of effort in just for him!

Casual Drinks

Like its namesake, Cameron Diaz, the Cameron fedora says laid-back, casual and cool. Pair this summery hat with a simple white scarf like the Loyola, jean shorts, a peasant blouse and Via Spiga’s red Ecstasy sandals to complete your cute, fresh, summer-friendly look.

Longtime Boyfriend

You and your guy have been dating for a while, so there’s no real need to impress. However, on a date night you still want to look your best, right? Wear the Aileen gold bangles to showcase your tan and pair them with whatever piece of clothing you know he loves on you best. Seriously, they’ll compliment anything you pick! But just to be safe, perhaps you want to wear something you know he’ll like — like a black lace Hanky Panky thong — underneath. Just sayin’.

Hubby Date

What better excuse to have a fancy date night with the hubby than some super fancy accessories? Whether it be the blinged-out Lea earrings or the elegant Erica pearl studs, you’ll be in the right to say, “But honey! I’m all dressed up – we just have to go somewhere nice!”

Laura xo

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