Does your faith make it hard to find a guy in your area? Stop stressing, and do some online dating!

Religion has been the cause of many a war, so I get it that it’s an important factor to many when it comes to finding a man. I’ve heard tales of Jewish mothers that disowned their daughters for marrying into a Catholic family, and vice versa, and think it’s appalling that love, of all things, could break people apart. But I am not a religious person. I have sat inside a church, synagogue and Quaker meeting; one day, I’m sure, I will visit an ashram, but none of the places had any sort of appeal to me. My point here is this: when it comes to dating, I don’t have any set restrictions (other than my own fanciful notions of his personality and attractiveness) but I feel the pain of those who do — which is why I decided to repost this piece, ten dating sites for different religions. put up this piece recently, and I feel like it’s my obligation to share it with you. I mean, I talk about dating sites where you can find a guy who shares your musical taste, for Pete’s sake, so why shouldn’t I share something of real (substantial) relationship relevance?

Hopefully your love prayers will be answered!

  1. Muslim – is the premier online dating site for Muslims around the world. The site is currently boasting over ten years of service in connecting single Muslim men and women.
  2. Jewish – continues to be the number one ranked Jewish dating site, and is in use internationally. It has been in operation for over ten years. There are several other Jewish dating sites available, but none has been able to surpass this one in popularity yet.
  3. Latter Day Saints – There several different LDS dating sites available, being just one of them. Otherwise known as the Mormon church, LDS members are encouraged to marry within their faith.
  4. Catholic – Again, you will find several sites competing to be ‘the’ Catholic dating site. is one of those sites. It has a strong emphasis on spiritual growth on its home page, setting it apart from many other faith-based dating sites.
  5. Hindu – Based in the UK, promotes itself as a Hindu dating and matrimony site for single Hindu men and women. There are other sites that are Indian based, rather than specifically Hindu based, that are used by Hindu singles as well.
  6. Adventist – Seventh Day Adventist members have set up a site to assist their fellow single members in finding relationship partners within their faith. The site provides a questionnaire that is founded on the specific doctrines and beliefs of their church.
  7. Jehovah’s Witnesses – This site is exclusively for active Jehovah’s Witnesses. There is a secret code, of such, required to join the site, however, you can enter the site and browse around before choosing to join.
  8. Pentecostal Christians – Sometimes referring to themselves as ‘Spirit-filled’ Christians, this branch of the Christian church which encompasses many denominations, the biggest of which would be the Assemblies of God, has a dating site set up for finding those who also share in their religious beliefs.
  9. Christians – If you aren’t as concerned about what particular branch of Christianity your dating partner comes from there are several sites like that cater to all Christians. But if you want to focus on one denomination, you can certainly find sites that designed for a narrower search, such as Lutherans or Baptists.
  10. Non-religious – For those who have chosen not to associate themselves with a religious faith, has come into existence. It promotes itself as a dating site for atheists and agnostics.

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