A new survey done by the music dating site Tastebuds claims to know the strength of your sexual drive — simply by the bands you love

First, let me say that I am now a huge, huge fan of Tastebuds. I love this dating site so much it may as well be Jonny Lang, Jont Whittington or Ray Lamontagne, three musicians I adore and admire, all rolled into one wonderful man. Tastebuds, for the record, is a site that matches you by musical taste (ostensibly so you’ll have something to talk about on your first date, before the conversation dries out). So, before I go on, check out this site if you’re a music lover. You might just find a man who includes you in the liner notes of his first CD — which, to me, is better than poetry. A girl can always dream.

But now on to the good stuff. The site polled 4oo of their users to ascertain just how much loving these music lovahs would give up on the first date. The choices: “I’d only meet up for a chat”; “Perhaps a kiss” or “All the way, if there was chemistry.”

According to the results, Coldplay fans were the least likely to hop into bed on the first date. Not that I’m a fan of blatant promiscuity (though in some cases it’s bound to happen), but I can’t say I’m surprised. Listening to Coldplay makes me want to vacuum things or take a nap, not have a passionate moment (lead singer Chris Martin is married to Gwyneth “Fishsticks” Paltrow, the human equivalent of a cold shower, after all. No wonder he always sounds so mournful).

The most slut-astic music lovers were huge Nirvana fans. Maybe they mistook the urge to headbang for actual banging?

Look at the Tastebud list of bands with the most promiscuous and most puritanical fans, and see where you fit in.

You give it up easy if you love:

5. Gorillaz

4. Kanye West

3. Linkin Park

2. Metallica

1. Nirvana

You’re probably a virgin if you listen to:

5. Kings of Leon

4. Katy Perry

3. Lady Gaga

2. Adele

1. Coldplay

Get the full list HERE

For the record, I’m not entirely sure where I fit in. Most philistines haven’t even heard of Jonny Lang. If you have, and you love him as much as I do, well, you know where to find me.

Laura xo

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