Does your job affect your love life? Hell yes! Hopefully your career is conducive to romance

For years, I was a celebrity journalist. I use the term ‘journalist’ lightly here, because it felt like all I did was attend opulent, mind-numbing events where I would schmooze, where the people were pretty and wanted to be discovered or seen. Although I started my career in London, I was young and devoid of much responsibility, so the circumstances were slightly different from the five years I spent working in Los Angeles and New York City; I had a job to do, and the folks in both American cities took themselves way more seriously than the people I met living in the U.K.

That said, the guys I was meeting at these work shindigs were either a) gay b) egomaniacs or c) ‘industry’ boys (the worst). That said, I’m pretty comfortable admitting that I sought out the opposite kind of guy during that time period — and chose two mountain men types from New Hampshire as my boyfriends; they were the antithesis of the vain, fame-seeking dudes I met while working in entertainment.

Just going on personal experience, I’d say my industry was the worst — but I’m speaking from fairly limited experience. However, it turns out my perspective was right: a recent study by ForbesWoman and YourTango dubbed journalism as the worst career choice out there for meeting a man! But what are the best? Read on…the results may just surprise you.

Laura xo

Finding Love

#1 Personal Finance

Pros: One of the most social jobs. Male-dominated industry. Long hours could lead to coworker bonding.

Cons: Long hours could also lead to burnout.

Personal finance advisers help draw up financial plans for their clients using their knowledge of tax and investment strategies, securities, insurance, pension plans and real estate. It’s considered one of the top 25 social jobs out there because it provides the opportunity to interact with new people on a regular basis. Not only that, but it’s a male-dominated industry, making the single gal’s pool of colleagues an ideal hunting ground.

The finance industry is also known for its “extreme jobs” that require a lot of mandatory overtime. All that time working can be bad for your health, and can also adversely affect any long-term relationship you happen to be engaged in; on the other hand, many office relationships are actually a result of working late at the office.

#2 Law Enforcement

Pros: One of the most dangerous jobs. High-risk atmosphere could lead to endorphin-fueled bonding. Male-dominated industry.

Cons: High risk could also mean high stress.

Law enforcement is another male-dominated industry, one that allows you to surround yourself with a variety of well-built and brave men in uniform—which studies indicate is a style popular among the ladies. The police patrol officer job in particular has some added bonuses when it comes to budding romance. Assigned specific areas in order to enforce the law, regulate traffic, control crowds, prevent crime and arrest violators, patrol officers have a high-risk occupation—a characteristic than can cause a rush of endorphins while on the job, leading to an extra-strong connection between you and your fellow patrolmen.

Finding Love: #3 Interactive Technology

Pros: Male-dominated. Informal atmosphere.

Cons: Long hours could lead to burnout.

The tech industry is growing and, these days, young upstarts the world over dream of building the next Facebook, Twitter or Groupon. If you’re willing to take a risk on a new company, that start-up atmosphere can be exhilarating, leading to loads of rushing endorphins, passion-fueled bonding and late nights filled with coding and cold beer in that nifty office of yours with the open floor plan. This is also a male-dominated industry and, if you’re handy with jQuery or HTML5, you’ll nab your own Mark Zuckerberg… assuming you can tear him away from his computer screen.

#4 Healthcare

Pros: One of the top 25 social jobs. Long hours could lead to coworker bonding.

Cons: High levels of stress. Long hours could also lead to burnout.

Though the healthcare profession can be grueling, necessitating years of schooling followed by a lifetime of long hours, it can also be incredibly rewarding. The long hours alone can lead to workplace lovin’, as you won’t have the time to interact with anyone else. (Silver lining, right? Right??) And while you’ll see many people at their worst, the high volume of people you interact with on a day-to-day basis can make meeting someone with promise a high possibility, despite the fact that you’re not hitting up the bars every weekend. Plus, if you meet a guy while he’s at death’s door and nurse him back to health, think of the stories you can tell your grandkids!

#5 Publishing

Pros: Start-up atmosphere. Long hours could lead to coworker bonding. Highly collaborative. Office romances most common within the publishing industry.

Cons: Female-dominated industry.

According to a survey, the publishing industry has the most cases of office romance. The start-up vibe at many smaller publishers can inspire a more casual atmosphere, which—in turn—can make office romances less of a strict no-no. Not only that, but the long hours and highly collaborative atmosphere can lead to quick coworker bonding. The only downside is that the field is dominated by women (unless, of course, you manage to finagle your way into a men’s mag). And when the male-to-female ratio is so small, you’re going to be up against a lot of competition.

Keeping Love

#1 Mental Health

Pros: High-paying. Recession-proof. Decent hours.

Cons: The urge to constantly psychoanalyze your significant other.

Psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and other mental health professionals have got it made, especially when it comes to keeping love. Psychiatry is among the 25 highest-paying jobs out there, making a divorce due to money issues less of a probability. (Money and sex are consistently reported as the top two causes of divorce.) The mental health field is also considered pretty recession-proof. There will always be those who require help, so the stress of high unemployment rates will likely never affect counselors, and in fact, will only expand their client base. And if you have a private practice, a career in the mental health field can also be delightfully flexible, allowing you to spend even more time with your significant other. An extra perk? A background in mental health issues can help you become aware of and fix burgeoning problems in your own relationship before they become bigger.

#2 Optometry

Pros: High-paying. Decent hours.

Cons: Eyeballs make some people (OK, fine… me) squeamish.

Optometry is another of those high-paying jobs that allows you to make a lot of money in a small number of hours. Spend your days diagnosing and treating eye-related issues, and spend your many free evenings and weekends canoodling with your cutie. He’ll be so appreciative that you’ve made him a priority, he won’t even mind that you’re also the breadwinner.

#3 Education Administration

Pros: High-paying. Recession-proof.

Cons: A lot of responsibility.

While there’s a lot on the line when you’re in such a position of power, a career as an education administrator can be well worth it, thanks to the fact that it’s one of the 25 highest-paying jobs out there, and is also considered recession-proof. Just remember: While you may call the shots while on the job, you should foster equality at home.

#4 Fitness

Pros: Low-stress. The ability to earn more money in fewer hours.

Cons: Competitive. Can require some serious hustle.

Studies have indicated that happiness in one’s career can also lead to happiness in one’s marriage. This is unsurprising, considering that many of us often take stress from the workplace home with us. So it’s a huge bonus that fitness trainers and aerobics instructors have one of the top 25 low-stress jobs. A fitness-related career can also allow you to earn more money in fewer hours, leading to more time with your honey. It’s not one of the highest-paying jobs out there, but it can earn you a decent chunk of change without the stress incurred from one of those “extreme jobs.” Success in this field will give you and your significant other just one more thing to celebrate (and the positive effects on your bodacious bod won’t hurt your sex life either).

#5 Aviation

Pros: High-paying. The ability to earn more money in fewer hours.

Cons: Considered stressful because of the high risk.

There’s a lot at stake when you’re an airline pilot, and the resultant stress can be a major downside. And even when they don’t work long hours, couples may often spend long stretches of time apart. But if you thrive within a high-risk environment, you might find this career path to be beneficial for your wallet, your endorphin levels and your love life. After all, an airline pilot is one of the 25 highest-paying positions out there… and it doesn’t even require a lot of hours. This means that you can spend your hard-earned money on date night with your sweetie, perhaps in a different country.

Worst for Love

#1 Journalism

Pros: Never boring.

Cons: High-risk. Always on call. Lots of time away from your loved ones. Can’t get involved with sources.

The life of the journalist is not an easy one. Photojournalists and newscasters count themselves among those with one of the 10 most stressful jobs in 2011, due to the high-risk, dangerous environments they’re often in, the large amounts of time in far-flung places, and the fact that they’re always on call. This last one alone can be a huge blow to relationships, as 50 percent of extreme workers say that their job interferes with their sex life. As for finding new love, despite the number of new people journalists often meet, they’re not allowed to get involved with their sources, unless they want to risk allegations of unprofessionalism, or even termination.

#2 Business Ownership

Pros: Flexibility… if business is booming.

Cons: Constant hustle for income. Long hours, especially when you’re still building your business.

Many people go into business for themselves because they’re looking for flexibility, and because they’d rather be the masters of their own financial destiny. Unfortunately, a high percentage of these self-starters end up failing, often within the first one or two years. The constant financial stress can wreak havoc on any relationship, new or old, and the long hours one typically ends up working (due to the inability to separate the personal and the professional, the lack of resources to hire employees and the ever-present need to hustle), can end up being a dealbreaker. Of course, if you’re one of the few who can get their business to succeed, you may find your endorphins rising, which can lead to some celebratory hanky-panky. But are you ready to take that gamble?

#3 Healthcare

Pros: One of the top 25 social jobs. Long hours could lead to coworker bonding.

Cons: High levels of stress. Risk of compassion fatigue. Always on call. Long hours could also lead to burnout.

How can one of the top jobs for finding love also end up on our worst jobs for love list? First of all, those long hours, both on the clock and on call, can be a double-edged sword. While it may make it easier for you to bond with your colleagues, it will mean that you’re often absent for your loved ones back at home. An EMT in particular is also one of the most high-stress jobs out there. In addition to the long hours, lives are pretty much always on the line. A job in the healthcare field can easily lead to both physical and emotional burnout.

#4 Real Estate

Pros: Flexibility.

Cons: Long hours (many of them alone) and constant hustle.

The real estate field is popular among those looking for a low-stress first or second job but, in reality, real estate is one of the most stressful jobs out there. In addition to the long hours (assuming you’re doing it right)–many of them alone–your income is commission-based, meaning you constantly have to hustle: to find new clients, to make the sale and to earn your commission. The financial stress alone could endanger your relationship, not to mention the difficulty of maintaining a healthy work/love balance.

#5 Law

Pros: High-paying.

Cons: Long hours. Top gig for introverts.

You probably think we’re nuts for including law on our list of the five worst careers for love. After all, it’s one of the highest-paying jobs out there, so you shouldn’t suffer from financial problems at home and, if you’re single, eligible bachelors and potential house husbands will likely throw themselves at your feet. But consider this: Law is considered one of the top 25 jobs for introverts because of the mandatory overtime, much of it spent alone. So not only will you have no time to date, but a long-term partner is very likely to feel neglected. Remember: money can’t buy you love!

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