Don’t know where to go? Wonder no more!

Dating in your own city can be tough, especially if you suspect the right guy for you doesn’t live in the same location as you do. This is, essentially, the reason I created I want women to know that a guy for you does exist somewhere in the world. But let’s say, for arguments sake, that you can’t go off gallivanting around the globe in hot pursuit of your dream man, that you job, family commitments or fear of the unknown are tethering you to a place where you find it nearly impossible to date. If that’s the case, and you can’t become the love-seeking wanderlust lady you want to be, then you definitely need to check out the five top places to meet guys at home. A drum roll, please!


  • ONLINE: In 2010, conducted a survey polling 11,000 people. The results? 1 in 6 had met their respective other via the world wide web. While is one of the best for making marriage matches (100,000 per year), don’t discredit sites like Match and OKCupid, which use personality assessment tests to matchmake.
  • SOCIAL GROUPS/CHURCHES: Reportedly eleven percent of all Americans meet their mates through a mutual love of religion. I’ve actually met several couples who met at church retreats or mixers — it’s the new form of faithful bonding for new-fangled religious types.
  • GYM: I love when women tell me they “couldn’t possibly meet a man at the gym. I look so gross when I’m sweaty!” Sorry gals, but you’re wrong: five percent of all Americans meet their spouses while working out. Whether it has something to do with endorphins — or the fact that you actually really do look hot while you’re sweating out your sins — you’ll find a common bond in your love of fitness if you’re a die-hard gym-goer (or if neither of you is). But ladies, please — unless you’re just looking for a hook-up, at least pretend that you’re not just there to meet guys. Meaning: actually work out. Don’t leave your hair down and don’t wear makeup. You aren’t there to look pretty, you’re there to get toned (or lose weight, or build muscle, whatever). Just don’t be “that girl.”
  • WORK: 36% of us meet a man at work. You spend more time at work than anywhere else, right? So it makes sense. However — and I have been there before — you can’t casually date someone you work with. You have to get to know them over time, because bad blood if you break up is pretty difficult to disguise in the workplace. In fact, most men believe they can get away with simply screwing their co-workers — and many at a time — but if you’re smart, you’ll resist until he makes you a promise you can’t (and don’t want) to refuse.
  • FRIENDS: Meeting a guy through friends is, in my opinion, the best way to meet someone — and 26% of Americans agree. Your friends know you, so they aren’t simply going to set you up because you’re both single and like cheese. Your best buddies will take into account what your type is and whether you’d click. Plus, they already know him, so they know his flaws/whether or not he’ll make a good boyfriend. Unfortunately, in cities like NYC and LA, it’s very hard to find a girl who has a ton of guy friends, so their resources are limited. It’s a good thing you have me, ladies. I’ve got a million guy friends — and I’m more than happy to set you up. You heard it here first!

So maybe you won’t meet your âme soeur (soulmate) in Parisbut that doesn’t mean you can’t meet your future husband at home. You just need to know where to look. Good luck — and happy hunting!

Laura xo

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