’s annual Great Male Survey is up…and the results may surprise you!

Who better to answer what men want than men themselves? 70,000 guys from the U.S., U.K. Australia and Canada weighed in with their thoughts on love, sex, dating…and male birth control. Strangely enough, what the results of’s Great Male Survey conclude is that men across the world are more alike than I thought. Happily, all agree that they want to get married (so if a guy tells you he thinks he’ll be single forever, he may be lying to preserve your feelings), most swear that they wouldn’t cheat even if their partner would never find out and they all agree that to have a healthy relationship, they need to get laid several times a week. But what else does the survey say?

Surprisingly, American men are freer discussing their sexual fantasies than their foreign counterparts but are the worst at making romantic gestures. Keep a tight leash on your guy around your friends if you’re Canadian: he’s the most likely to have ongoing fantasies about your best gal pals — but he also fantasizes the most about having a threesome, so you may be part of the fantasy!


74% of the British men polled are gagging to get a hold of a male birth control pill, but it seems like they may have found it: they’re the most likely to dump you if you gain weight. Nothing says: ‘I don’t want sex’ like an extra ten pounds…Conversely, they’re actually the most progressive when it comes to sexual partners. While Americans, Canadians and Aussies believe that a woman is considered slutty after sleeping with guy #10, the Brits believe you aren’t promiscuous until you’ve doubled that number.

The Aussies, being so naturally independent, are the least likely to want to track a girlfriend’s whereabouts.

The best bit of this survey: a majority of all the men polled think they can tell when we’re faking orgasms...and all would be offended to know how often we do it! SUCKERS!

Get the rest of’s Great Male Survey here!


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