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Guest blogger and Canadian gal-about-town Leora Israel has her reasons for loving her countrymen

Laura here. The last time I was in Canada was 20 years ago. I was 10, on vacation with my parents, and so horrified by what I perceived to be their lack of cool (my dad learned to burp the alphabet just to embarrass me) that I think I’ve blocked out the entire trip. Regardless of my memory blackout, I wouldn’t have the same perception then that I would now, which is why I asked my friend Leora Israel to guest blog. Yes, she is, in fact, Canadian.

I know that many women like to rag on guys from their own cities, but Leora isn’t one of them. She loves the guys in her current city of Toronto, and here’s why:

Leora Israel’s Reasons For Loving Canadian Men

  1. They’re polite. If you bump into them they say they’re sorry.
  2. They can ice skate and play hockey (hot).
  3. They’re manly: they can cut down trees and protect you from wild bears!
  4. They have adorable accents and speak French as well as English. It’s like dating a foreigner without having to very far to find them.
  5. They know how to cuddle because it’s essential during long, cold winters.

Leora & I at the Chateau Marmont for a private dinner with OneRepublic last October

And there you have it! I personally have only met two Canadian men in the last few years — Zach (or Zachums as I prefer to call him) on vacation in Mexico and Talas a scuba instructor — while traveling through Australia. You be the gauge of their hotness as I totally out them here (for the record, ladies, these two strapping young gents are both friends of mine — and fair game if you want to meet them).

Talas, a scuba instructor from Vancouver, BC

Zach, a writer from Toronto

On one final note, Ryan Reynolds hails from Canada. You had a question about their hotness? ‘Nuff said.

Laura xo

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