Cheaters beware: you will be outed for the world to see on a new website

It is a very rare thing these days to find a man who has not, at some point in his life, cheated. Fidelity? Bah! Who needs it? Well actually, I do — as, I’m sure, do most (if not all) of you. Although the cynic in me believes that most guys will one day be unfaithful, I’ll gamely play devil’s advocate and say there are some truly trustworthy men out there. But how can you be sure? Apparently it’s time to take a trip to Cheaterville, my friends.

You can now get revenge on the guy who broke your heart by sleeping with someone else by outing his slimy, treacherous self on Cheaterville, a website devoted to making your dating world a better place.

“In a world where temptation and lust are facilitated by online media, where does moral accountability fit in? With terms like discreet adultery and cyber affair, how is the truth to be told and where can it be found? CheaterVille was created with one goal in mind, keeping you ahead of the heartache — even when it hurts,” says founder James McGibney. “So whether you’re a victim, perpetrator or curious acquaintance, CheaterVille can give you the inside scoop on that special someone before you’re another heartbroken mess writhing in the wake of Ms. Madison or Craig and his lists.

“CheaterVille gathers information from a variety of sources using our proprietary advanced search engine algorithm. Our database will show you postings from other CheaterVille members on a specific person and information gathered from the web,” the former Marine adds, who launched the site on Valentine’s Day after hearing that a fellow Marine pal had been cheated on by his wife while on a six-month deployment. “If you meet someone and want to know if they are playing it straight, or playing you, CheaterVille will let you know if they are married, have a sordid past, or a crazy ex! If you’re in a relationship and want to make sure your significant other stays on the straight and narrow, CheaterVille can alert you if anything is posted about them – good or bad and free of charge.”

Holler! You will get owned for playing around. There will be information about you on the www, for everyone to see. If he stepped out on you and broke your heart, you can post his picture with a ‘user testimonial’ — i.e. why another woman should stay away. Conversely, if you’re dating someone new and worried about his M.O., all you need to do is search for his name and city, and you’ll be able to see if he’s clean…or one dirty dumbass.

Trust me, you’re not going to want to end up on here (sorry girls, but the site works both ways — if you’re a female cheater, you have just as much of a chance of getting the tables turned). Want to see why? Take Matthew Landry as an example. Yesterday, “Megan” posted the following about her ex :

Multiple kids with different women, homeless……

………., dates your girls and uses them Multiple kids with different women, homeless, dates young girls and uses them. matt landry is a drug addict who uses anyone for cocaine and alcohol. he lives on peoples couches and uses on women to give him the things he needs. he will move on if he doesnt get his way. he is over 30 and cant even leave the country becuz he is so far behind on childsupprt (like 30,000!!) that he is not allowed to even get an ID or passport. thats why he got kick out of the band tupelo honey that he was in to cuz he is a DRUG ADDICT. BEWARE OF THIS LOSER, he is homeless and always sleeps with girls without a condom. high chance of STD’s .

Oh, yeah. And she posted his photo, too, just for shits and giggles.


So you better think twice about being naughty and not nice, because this site takes things to a whole ‘nother level. Unfortunately, it currently online profiles people in the U.S. and Canada, so you international betrayers are off the hook, for now.

Incidentally, I don’t need to go on Cheaterville to leave my scathing review. Charlie Lavery, you’re a dick. Short, sweet and to the point, no?

As the website says, “Don’t be the last to know.”

Laura xo

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