So you’re a girl who likes money? Well, here’s where to find a guy who has the green if that’s your favorite color

For the record, this is not a post I would ever personally write. I know nothing about where to find monied men. In fact, I tend to date photographers, gym trainers or struggling musicians. But I know there are women out there — especially in LA — that do care about a guy’s net worth. So for all you ladies, I’m reposting this article from, a site that caters specifically to gals who want to be some guy’s sugar baby. I’ll pass, thanks, but you may benefit from discovering the ten hottest spots around the US to meet guys rolling in the green. Go forth and conquer with your best assets – ahem  - forward.

“If there’s one thing a Sugar Daddy likes more than women, its money,” says Elle, a ‘mentor’ at SugarSugar. She adds, “So when he’s face down in his tuna tartar crunching numbers over his lunch break, he won’t be looking up at you.”

Hence, theoretically, why the site has compiled this wealthy wish list of places to snag a rich dude. At least they did their research: they used a system of online polling as well as responses via their blog and member feedback.  Although these clubs/restaurants/bars may not be in your city, my guess is you’re willing to travel in order to make your dreams of doing nothing and letting the man support you a realization.

It is my wish that the man you girls find is very old, very wrinkly, has a very small penis and takes a lot of Viagra. Shame on you. Oh wait, I’m not being judgmental today, as I’m actually posting this. Shame on me!

Laura xo

Los Angeles – The Chateau Marmont

LA is known for flaunting its wealth and its women, and is a hot spot for industry execs, celebrity mingling, and some of the sexiest women and most generous men in the world. The landmark Chateau Marmont has long been known as the place celebs go to be bad, and visitors and partygoers alike tend to follow suite.

New York - Rose Bar

Few New York hot spots manage to stay that way, but this swanky lounge at the Gramercy Park Hotel has stood the test of time, and has been attracting the rich and famous for the past five years. Dress to impress and pray someone buys you that $20 cocktail.

Scottsdale – Ocean Club

Well heeled patrons flock to Mastro’s Ocean Club for the lavish food, service and ambiance. Splurge on dinner or head to the bar which features a scene of beautiful women, businessmen, casual couples and cougars galore.

Dallas – Rattlesnake Bar

Located inside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, this bar’s patrons are a mixture of old money and new, and is frequented by athletes and businessmen. Don’t worry ladies, the valet is free, so put on your best duds and pull in proudly behind the Porches and Maseratis.

MiamiThe Delano Hotel

There’s no place in South Beach quite like the Delano, and if you’re in need of a sugar daddy, The Delano is your best bet. Hosting rich men and beautiful women is the signature of the Rose Bar at this glamorous Miami landmark – which offers a quiet and elegant atmosphere in the midst of the frantic Miami nightlife.

Chicago – East Bank Club

A favorite of Chicago politicians, eager women and deep pocketed businessmen, this club is made for working up a sweat in the gym rather than the dance floor. However, with three bars – including a poolside lounge – there’s plenty of time for the beautiful people to mingle after their cardio.

Las VegasBellagio Hotel

Though it’s not very hard to find a rich guy in the most money hungry city in the world, you’ll have the best luck at one of the many bars and lounges of Las Vegas’ landmark hotel – the Bellagio. Renowned for hosting the richest of the rich, the hotel’s Fontana Bar, Caramel, and Baccarat Bar are hot spots for finding a sugar date.

Houston – Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

With a combination of delectable food and beautiful ultra-contemporary decor, this posh eatery is heavily frequented by an attractive influential crowd. Hit the bar at happy hour to mingle with the post-work crowd, who aren’t in the middle of a business meeting.

Atlanta – Lumen at The Ritz-Carlton

Downtown Atlanta’s premier business address and luxurious oasis in the heart of the city houses the renowned lobby bar, Lumen. Serving up signature cocktails with live Jazz, Latin and Flamenco music, Lumen is a great place to spot sexy, wealthy singles after office hours.

DenverHotel Teatro

Located in downtown Colorado, this boutique hotel offers exquisite accommodations for the business traveler, and features they city’s only four-star, four-diamond restaurant by award-winning Chef and Restaurateur Devin Taylor. Want to catch a glimpse of wealth from around the world? Head over to Breckenridge Ski Resort to mingle with the old money on the slopes.

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