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A new study reveals that British men overwhelmingly prefer brunette beauties to Goldilocks

Curses — I’ve been foiled again! Unfortunately for this California girl, the potential British loves of my life aren’t going to be dying to date me given that I’m a blonde; the U.K. gentlemen prefer to date gals with darkly hued hair. Not only that, but they like curves — an American size 12, if you can believe it. Living in LA, I’m surrounded by the American ideal of perfection on a daily basis, but there’s something to be said for a culture that values a regular woman as the standard of beauty, not a pin-thin stick insect with an aggressive tan and $800 highlights.

The social networking site Badoo polled over 2,000 Brit boys (men, must remember to call them men) regarding what physical traits they’d seek out in a partner. A whopping 60% maintained they’d choose darkness over light, in terms of hair color, at least.

Image: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

33.1% of this number said they believe brown hair is the most beautiful, while 28.6% chose black. Only 29.5% of the guys polled said they’re into blondes, while even less — 8.8% — really liked redheads. Then again, this is the culture that calls reds “ginger mingers”, so I’m not shocked.

When it comes to weight, the Brits seem to have taken the term “love handles” to heart. Like love rat Daniel Cleaver says in Bridget Jones Diary,I keep telling you nobody wants legs like a stick insect.They want a bottom they can park a bike in and balance a pint of beer on.”

Image: Bridget Jones' Diary

Nobody likes to drink more than the Brits, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that 33.8% of them like their ladies at a voluptuous size 12. And check this out: 4.2% want a woman who’s over a size 12, while only 10% want a skinnier girl; someone who’s a 4-6. WTF?

Finally, it’s only in eye color that these guys prefer light to dark; 40.1% are all about blue eyes, while 29.2 opted for brown, 17.5 go gaga for green and 13.1 wanted a hazel girl.

As Badoo’s Lloyd Price said, “I was amazed that blonde hair and size 8 [a U.K. 6] did not top the list. Magazines are full of skinny blonde models, so it is nice to see that in reality guys prefer the girl-next-door look.”

Image: Gossip Girl

It is nice to know that there’s less pressure to be perfect elsewhere in the world, especially because American culture is riddled with ridiculously high levels of expectation. Yeah, maybe we could all look like Megan Fox or Jennifer Aniston too — if we didn’t eat, had a personal trainer on call 24 hours a day and had enough money for an at-home gourmet meal delivery service or personal chef.

Yet, having lived in both Los Angeles and London, I have to say that I prefer the L.A. lifestyle; while the British weight ideal is refreshing to hear about it, it isn’t healthy. Those ladies tend to drink a ton of beer, smoke a plethora of cigarettes, eat their body weight in late-night kebobs and crisps and sniff at the thought of working out. So, the sunshine hasn’t addled my brain exactly: they’re enjoying their lives without worrying about repercussions, but they also aren’t the healthiest gals in the world.

But let’s take that out of the equation and just be happy that there’s a group of men out there that actively don’t like the typical California girl. Power to you, boys! But dammit, why did it have to be the only guys on the planet that I’m attracted to that won’t like me as I currently am? Some girls have all the luck. But luckily for me — and for you — there’s someone out there for everyone. Not everyone can have her very own English man, after all. Sadly, there just aren’t enough to go around.


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  1. ScMona says:

    YEAH for all those REAL men in England!!!!

  2. MJB says:

    “while the British weight ideal is refreshing to hear about it, it isn’t healthy.”
    REALLY!??! I love your posts, read them every day…but you got me with this one. As an American woman who happens to fit the “British weight ideal” to a T and lives a VERY healthy lifestyle, I find your attitude in this whole post despicable. There are many, many American size 10 women (UK size 12) that could run circles around all of the skinny, California blondes in this country, and I’d go as far as to say that there are just as many of those “skinny” women “enjoying their lives without worrying about repercussions, but they also aren’t the healthiest gals in the world.” Come on.

    • admin says:

      British women aren’t as healthy as American women, which is the point I was trying to make. I wasn’t slandering American women who happen to be a size 10, 12 or even 20. Losing weight is sometimes impossible due to genetics, thyroid problems, poor metabolism, etc. but when its coupled by an excess of beer and very little exercise (as I’ve found in the U.K.) is just makes the weight loss process that much harder.

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