Cosmopolitan releases CFG: Cosmo for Guys, an iPad app to teach men the ways of women

If you’ve ever thought to yourself: ‘Why don’t guys get what I want?’ (answer: because they’re aliens) then you’re in luck. The editors of Cosmopolitan magazine have designed a new application — CFG: Cosmo For Guys — exclusively for the iPad designed to inform men why we operate the way we do. Think of it as ‘Understanding Women for Dummies.’

“The idea for CFG really came from men themselves,” said Editor-in-Chief Kate White. “They frequently tell us that they love reading Cosmo because they’re fascinated about what makes females tick, and they want to know how to better please the women in their life. We wanted to come to their rescue and take out the guess work.  Women are the real experts on the subject.”

Well, no offense Kate, but no shit. Who better to tell men what women want than women themselves?

Some of the highlights of CFG’s first issue include:

  • 5 Awkward Date Situations—Solved: An interactive quiz tests men on their ability to handle uncomfortable moments—like when a date suddenly mentions the messy breakup she just went through. Give the wrong answer and a pop-up box provides the right one plus an explanation of why it works.
  • The CFG Sex Map: Women report their bedroom preferences via a poll on, and data is continually updated in the Cosmo for Guys app. Users can tap a button to see how answers vary across the country.
  • Will She Like It? Fedoras, distressed jeans, pink button-downs… women weigh in via Cosmo’s website to let guys know if the latest male fashion trends are appealing—or repelling—and the latest data is automatically sent to the app.
  • Gifts She’ll Love: Men can use the gamelike interface to select their relationship status, the type of present they’re looking for, and how much they want to spend, then tap to get Cosmo’s recommendation for the perfect gift—which can be purchased from within the app.
  • Read Her Mind: This feature streams live info 24/7 from women about what DVDs they want to watch, the movie they want to see that week, and the sex and dating information men want to know.

Personally, I’d like to see editorials on ‘Making The First Move: Why Guys Need To Do It’, ‘Why You Shouldn’t Read Her No As A Yes’ and ‘How To Move Your Friendship Into A Relationship.’ Are you hearing me, Hearst?

What would you like guys to know about the fairer sex? Weigh in below!


The CFG: Cosmo for Guys iPad App is available on the App Store or at CFG: Cosmo for Guys can be purchased for $1.99/month, $3.99/issue or $19.99 annually.

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