What’s on your naughty bucket list?

Happy Monday, LoveTrekkers! I know that for most of you, Monday isn’t exactly your idea of a rockin’ good time, which is why I have guest columnist Kourtney Jason on hand to give you some racy food for thought. The Naughty Bucket List author is challenging you to take take these ten sexy dares on your next vacation. Go on…be brave. Live a little. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I could tell you what’s on my personal naughty bucket list, but that’s between me and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden.

10 Sexy Dares For Your Next Vacation
by: Kourtney Jason

Raise your hand if you have fantasized about joining the Mile High Club (Fingers crossed there are no hands raised in the air right now!). Since that kind of consensual airplane friskiness is much easier said than done, the Mile High Club is highly exclusive. Plus, there’s a huge risk of getting caught, which naturally adds to the thrill. So, since we all can’t get our Mile High Club memberships right away, we have 10 other ways to spice up your next getaway. Pulled from my new book The Naughty Bucket List, these dares encourage you to take your vacation trysts to a new level, filled with pleasure, excitement and a slight risk of getting handcuffs involved.

#1 On a Train Slightly less adventurous than joining the Mile High Club, but a good time nonetheless. And you can revel in the 1940s fantasy of a sleeper train rendezvous.

#2 Beachfront balcony It’s the perfect hot spot for a warm summer evening. While a reclining pool chair will get you in multiple positions, the real thrill comes from the excitement of getting caught by the neighbors.

#3 Deserted highway Because “Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long.”

#4 The Four Corners Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico. Those who never thought it’d be possible to have sex in four states at once just weren’t getting creative. One limb in each corner and you can check this off your list.

#5 Hotel room balcony Do it late at night, and you’ll have a great night. Do it during the day, and you’ll have an audience (if that’s your thing).

#6 On all seven continents It means a lot of vacation sex (Side note: You may think, how do you have sex in Antarctica? Um…BRRR! Well, I once saw a news story about an Australian couple who lived there for a year. And even with layers and layers of clothes on 24/7, these two were not practicing celibacy).

#7 In a tent He’ll be pitching more than one tent during this trip! For comfort’s value, pack an air mattress. And if you happen to pop that air mattress, well, mission accomplished.

#8 Waterfall The ideal vacation sex hot-spot, the cascading stream of a waterfall is both sexy and romantic.

#9 Cliff There’s no cliffhanger for this one. It’s breathtaking sex with a breathtaking backdrop.

#10 Rooftop pool The higher the roof, the smaller the chance of getting caught.

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