Qantas airline’s new ambassador Miranda Kerr says she’s lucky to be from Australia — and I agree

Although I haven’t yet experienced all the places or cultures that the world has to offer (yet), regardless I don’t think I’ll find a better brand of people than the Australians. They’re bold, they’re adventurous and they care more about having experiences and living life without fear as a whole than anyone else I’ve had the good fortune of meeting. Why am I saying this now, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you: I attended a cocktail reception celebrating G’day Australia and Qantas airlines last night, where the company’s new brand ambassador, model Miranda Kerr, spoke at length about the Aussie spirit. If you’re anything like me, you’ll do whatever you can to embrace said spirit…and claim it as your own.

Kerr, looking lovely — as one does when she’s a Victoria’s Secret model and married to Orlando Bloom -- spoke about how proud she was to be an Australian, and how lucky she was to count herself as a citizen of the world’s best country. She’s not incorrect.

The Australian spirit she spoke of is a determination to face trying times with humor, to live life in the present, to celebrate every day as if it were an adventure.

That’s not to say that every Australian is alike, or that they don’t get down when things don’t work out. But, from what I’ve seen, most of the country’s citizens chalk things up as a learning experience, refuse to dwell on even the direst of situations and move on with a smile on their face, a spring in their steps and a beer in their hands.

They have a thirst for adventure that’s unparalleled. Most Australian students take a gap year after high school (or two, or three, or four) to explore the world before they settle down to begin their studies. They want to see, and do, and live.

I feel like they don’t completely understand the Americans’ need to analyze and assess and get bogged down by things out of our control, because they weren’t raised as such — and that’s probably a good thing.

At last night’s glam event at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel, a Qantas bigwig gave a brief speech introducing Kerr and then exclaimed, “But really, we’re just here to celebrate being Australian. So enjoy yourselves — it’s a party!”

While that isn’t quite how Australians view life, it isn’t far off. And why shouldn’t we enjoy ourselves? Why shouldn’t we enjoy life? Why shouldn’t we meet each day with boldness, bravery and a lack of fear?

Speak now or forever hold your piece…

As a side note, of course, I do have to mention men — and some of the finest looking lads I’ve seen in one spot were present last night. Yes, they included Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, as well as True Blood cutie Ryan Kwanten (long-time Qantas ambassador John Travolta and Scott Speedman, though American, were also showing support for the Aussies at the gala).

In summary, I must draw one conclusion and one conclusion only, given the swelling pride I felt even hearing Ms. Kerr talk about where she’s from: when in comes to dating a man from Australia, you certainly do want to say G’day — and saying G’night isn’t going to be so torturous, either.

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