A new website helps you track down that sexy stranger you met in the sky

Don’t you love the thought of meeting a handsome (or beautiful, if you happen to be a man) stranger in the sky? There’s something so romantic about it. Forget the stale air, the crappy food — or lack of food, as it were, these days — and the ramrod straight seats. The thought of two strangers meeting or locking eyes on a flight seems to be something straight out of a romantic film (namely Serendipity). So if you’ve ever wonder what happened to your neighbor in seat 7D or rued the fact that the hot snowboarder you made googly eyes with got placed in the back of plane while you were sat up front, you now have a chance to reclaim the lost love that coulda-shoulda-woulda been with the new website We Met On A Plane.

This new Washington D.C. based site was created by a man who did, in fact, reconnect with his dream girl. 31 year-old Australian entrepreneur Will Scully-Power has made it possible to search by flight number, time and airline to see if someone that you have been wondering about has been wondering about you, too. It’s like Craigslist’s Missed Connections for fliers, but ever so slightly more reputable.

Here you have the ability to share your story and to search for the one that might have been. The story could be one of success, that you actually connected with the person you met on an aircraft three years ago, like this couple who eventually married after meeting on a flight from Brussels to Philadelphia:

male Jeroen-Vincent female Olga Lucia married on 07/05/2010 Luca born on 12/05/2010 second baby on the way…

or this girl, who missed her chance with handsome Tom on a Ryanair flight from Poland to London:

Had a weekend away with friends at Krakow, as I refused to line up (as you do on any Ryanair flight) so we all got split up. By random I pick a seat next to you (Tom) and your younger brother (Jack). Sorry I didn\’t take the offer of you taking me around London at the time, that was a huge mistake on my behalf.

or these two solo passengers flying from Paris to Berlin, who didn’t chat, but managed to ignite some sparks regardless.

we met on a plane from PARIS to BERLIN it was an EASYJET flight … i dont know your name and i wish i’d ask for it when you asked me for a lighter after we got off the plane and said ”you should be happy”. the only thing i know is that your friend or brother picked you up from the airport. you were also reading a book in hebrew…i know this is weird but i really wanna get to know you.

The point is that this site exists and the one that got away doesn’t necessarily have to forever be a fantasy. There’s beauty in that — just like there’s beauty in the fantasy that this mysterious stranger really could have been ‘the one.’ Sometimes a girl just needs to hold on to the idea that perfection lingers somewhere, you know?

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I really hope I can use this on my next flight to LA! I love the thought of this, so romantic!

  2. Hi all ladys here!
    I was desperated to get on shape and then someone drop me this http://bit.ly/yGK34I i feel like i have to share it too, so try it and tell me how it goes with you.
    xoxo Kath

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