Tread carefully…

When Carolyn and I reunited last month after a year apart, the conversation immediately turned to men (hey, it happens). After describing the guy she was seeing, a Chicago-based bartender with a slew of bad qualities, she finished by saying “He’s Croatian.” She and I happen to be born on the same exact day — albeit four years apart — and our lives frequently seem to parallel the others.’ As it happens, I, too, was dating a Croatian dude. I wondered if the weird things I had noticed about *Belimir* were inherited cultural traits of if he was just a freak of nature. Unfortunately for me, as per the revelations of Carolyn and several other friends, the former is true. I cannot date another Croatian man. Never ever.


Honestly, forgive me if you’ve experienced something different, but the Croatians that my friends and I have dated have all been controlling assholes with antiquated views on women. They like to be the providers, but they hate doing any work. They seem to be stuck in the stone ages and are completely un-PC in their world views. They are devout Catholics who regularly attend church, will not tolerate any diversity and love their mothers. In my eyes, that’s kind of a nightmare.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time with Belimir…but I knew it wasn’t serious. There was no way I’d be able to tolerate his prejudiced remarks or old school sentiments in the long run. We didn’t have a thing in common but mutual attraction, and we both knew it. So, for the most part, I could ignore him when he said something ridiculous, roll my eyes, and tune him out.

He met my friends and I met his, though it took him far longer to let me into his world as I’m not the typical Croatian girl he’s been bred to marry. He was also insanely jealous, and would casually tell me he’d “beat up” anyone who hit on me in his presence.

As attractive as I found (and find) him, I was sensible and thought of him as my rebound from a bad breakup. He was the perfect antidote to a broken heart – gorgeous, fun, goofy and enough of an arrogant, stubborn jerk that there was no way I could get hurt.

But as for seriously dating one? Hell.To.The.No.

I mean, the guy wears Speedos and thinks that’s OK. Not in my book, Belimir, not in my book.


I met my Croatian in a very atypical fashion about three months ago. And our “relationship” has also been anything but typical. He works as a bartender at a nice restaurant in Chicago. I was taking a meeting with the restaurant’s owner one weeknight when I was introduced to *Antun*. Right away, I was smitten.  So smitten that I stayed until the bar closed chatting him up.

He is super intelligent, older, and mysterious — exactly the type of guy I am attracted to.

Don’t judge. I spent the night with him that evening, and it was well worth the exhaustion I felt the next day at work. He was VERY talented in bed and even cuddled with me all night. That intimacy was such a wonderful surprise after the initial impression that I got from him; I thought he had a dark personality given his military experience in Croatia and his quiet nature. And I was right. But he was also very caring and generous.

That first night, he told me about how he had lived in various countries around the world, how he was half Italian/half Croatian and was fiercely proud of both his nationalities. He was smart—we bonded over a mutual love of history— and knew how to speak to a woman without sounding cheesy or patronizing. He was arrogant, but to just the right degree. In the morning, I figured it would be too much to hope that he would want to see me again after I jumped into bed with him so readily. But lo and behold, he asked for my phone number and I just crossed my fingers that he would call.

Fast forward three months. I have now seen this mysterious several more times. Nearly every time, it has been a booty call type of situation. He did take me to one decadent dinner, but that was it as far as gentlemanly behavior goes. I will give him this though — we have completely opposite work schedules which made getting together quite hard.

Yes, I know that I should just forget about him. I know I should demand more from a partner. But honestly I have nothing else on the back-burner and when we’re together, sexually I just can’t get enough. He’s not afraid to stand up to me when I sound a little crazy, but he also understands when I’m being honest about how I feel — and I like that he doesn’t play games. We both know this isn’t going to work out in the long run, but there is something keeping us together at the moment. He wants kids and a family; I’m not interested in settling down. He has two jobs that keep him busy six days out of seven. I’d prefer to have a more normal dating schedule and actually get to know the person in the daylight. We’ve never introduced each other to anyone else, and I think the secretive nature of what we have is probably what fuels our passion. All signs point to ending this as soon as possible, but when I’m around him, I find it very difficult to be rational.

All in all, this guy has everything I’m looking for…except time. But knowing what he’s like, I definitely wouldn’t shy away from dating another Croatian in the future.

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  1. jamie says:

    I just started seeing a Croatian…He seems sweet and we get along…most days. But he has been in Croatia for almost a month, but he is in Croatia and has been for a few weeks…and so far he has acquised me of insinuating that hes cheating…..told me to go ahead and have sex with other people..and he is a very sexual person which I love…but he tells me all the time that he is gonna make me his private little whore…and a cum dump whore. He has told me I am NOT ALLOWED too work in a bar…oh and the best part….He wants to date me but without the label…what the hell does thsat mean. I had heard that Croatians are controlling and like to cheat…but he says the first couplr of weeks how if you screw over there you have to marry her..and then a weerk ago it was how they dont use condoms cause thats for sissys…and premisquise sex is allowed now. He never tells me anything about himself and if I ask how his day was…he stops talking to me for hours. Am I erong in thinking he is both of what you two discribe and I should just run..why are they contrling cheaters? Is it bad to say thry are all the same or is it just some of them…cause the second story is the only good one Ive heard.

    • Petra says:

      Believe me, Croatian men don’t cheat on Croatian women. That’s because we are strong enough to keep our men on their leashes.
      Most Croats think that foreign girls, such as American girls, are easy, though, so they could do as they please. Then again, it depends on the region of Croatia the Croatian man is from. We are all different, depending on the region we live in.
      I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Croatian man with a strong, self-confident black American woman, it’d be a good combo.

      • Vezna says:

        I just finished an affair with one married to a Croatian woman.

      • Bianca says:

        Yes Petra they do. I am a Croatian and I dispize those terrible nature freaks. Women from there are so nice but putting up with neanthertals like those. These two girls writing the article had bad eperiences even though and sorry to judge, the second one behaved like a slut and wanted royal treatment. Most men will not grant you that and you will never get respect from any men until you start to respect yourself.

        To go back on topic, Croats and Eastern European men are terrible boyfriends and husbands. Yes they are good looking but all the bad stuff overpowers that. Stay away if you respect yourself and your friends.

    • vee says:

      Cheaters and liars.Forget them.

      • Lucia says:

        No, they are not. I am Slovakian and together with “my” Croat since 2011. And there is no cultural problem between us. Never was. I am eastern Catholic what never disturbed neither him, nor his family (they are coming from Split). He never cheated on me and i don´t guess he will once. He is the sweetest, kindest man i´ve ever known. And well, i´ve been dating slovak, czech, russian, german, french and american men, so i can compare them a bit. Maybe you, Americans, just don´t understand the Croats (their nature and soul) or are too different what may bring some problems with it. Croatian men (like the most of slav men) do like intelligent, strong, but feminine and good, faithfull women. They don´t like too independent women, who always are trying to convince the men that they are as good as them, or even better. Don´t understand me wrong, i too am independent woman, who has university degree in 2 countries and i also have a very well paid and good job in the IT in Germany where we are both living. But privately i do know who i am: i am woman and i want to be treated like one, what actually was a big problem for german men here. I want a man who is a man (what slovak and german men lost forever). And my Damir was a perfect match for this image of a man for me. I want to settle down (as i am 33) with him and have his pretty croatian kids. I want that more than anything else. It´s mutual wish. But he also undestands who i am (cultur, origin etc.) and what i stand for. And what is important to me. I am really, really sorry what i read here sometime (your bad experiences) but it has generally nothing to do with croatian nationality. the men are good and bad, faithfull and cheaters and liars. Strong and weak. Gentlemen and idiots….no matter what their nationality or religion, race is. trust me. I personally never could live with an American guy- a bit too different to me. So maybe here are the roots of your problems with Croats too.

        • reb says:

          I know many Slovaks, there is no difference between SLovacks and Croatians. We have similar history, religion is the same too, you also had some issues with Checz same as we had with Serbs, so I dont think you should talk like someone coming from America.

      • Myrna says:

        I was dating a Croatian man who found me on Zoosk a dating web site. it clearly stated under Marital Status: NEVER MARRIED. We dated for 5 months and I found out he is married. He then went on to tell me he married her because she is Mexican and was going to be deported, so by marrying her she could stay here. He said they did not live together. Anyway, 2 more months later I found out all that was a lie also.
        So he got his way, he said a lot of beautiful things, he is a Great Lover, but that is all. All the lies make me sick. Then to top it off, he got mad at me for not calling him anymore and he texted me a video that his current girl friend took of him Masturbating. That did it for me, something in me snapped and I was over him instantly. He thought if I saw him again I would want him, all I can think of is he wants a threesome? will never know and don’t care! Take care all and be careful of good looking Croatian men

  2. Leslie says:

    I’ve been dating my Croatian now for 2 years. The first 6 months of our relationship—incredible, speechless, head over heels in love for him; still am. He certainly became more comfortable after a year of us dating. I’m American, but like the Croatian’s I’m Roman Catholic and grew up in a traditional family, so i’m used to his old world ways. They certainly can be hypocritical, mine is. They’re always right and you are always wrong. (1. because you’re american, 2. because you’re not Croatian.) The last thing he is though is jealous. Not at all to be cocky but I’m more attractive than he is, instead of getting jealous he tries more so to put me in my place as to not get a big head. His friends though (Also croatian) Can be super jealous with their girlfriends. I really agree with Petra when she says that it truly depends on the region in Croatia their from but also how long they’ve been in the states. Mine has been here for only 8 years and his friends have been here much longer. I see a ton of differences between him and his friends, where they are more Americanized. Also agree with Petra when she says most E.U men think American women are easy, very true. When I met mine I was instantly smitten and maybe moved a little fast. When we talk now about our beginning he tells me all the time he knew i’d move quickly and that is their perseption of Americans. They’re loving men and they love their families and would do anything for them. If you keep an open mind and learn to be alittle more passive they’re wonderful. I love mine!

  3. Victoria says:

    . I’m an American girl who is married to a Croatian man from Zagreb. We met while I was on vacation in Croatia and have been together ever since. Almost 4 years now. I was not the so called “easy” American girl and he chased me like crazy for almost a year. He is beautiful on the inside and out, a wonderful cook, loyal, sweet and my best friend. I think it really depends on the person not where they are from. I was offended by the previous post of how Croatian women know how to keep their men on a lease therefore they do not cheat? That’s a joke. I knew so many unfaithful men while I lived in Zagreb and all of their girlfriends/wives were balken girls. Like I said depends in the person not the country!!!!!

    • Carmen says:

      Well… to this respond I met my Croatian in 1999 and dated him 3 years before I MARRIED HIM. Guess what at first in our dating years it was pasionate love. A love you read about in a romance Novel. We got married in 2003 and he started verbally, physically and emotionally abusing me. He was like Dr Jeckle and Mr Hide. I have had a horrible marriage and he won’t let me brake free………since they all stay married for life. If I ever get rid of this croat………..and I see another one coming my way I will run like the wind. Because he is the Devil himself.

      • z says:

        Sounds familiar. I was in a very long relationship with a Croatian guy. It was really great in the beginning. He was romantic, attentive, loving, caring, etc.. As the relationship progressed, another side came out. He was very jealous, controlling, and possessive. He was a bad seed. He also became verbally abusive and mean. He also did cheat, and lied through his teeth. I am so thankful I broke off with him after many years. He had a hard time leaving me alone even after I ended things. I was scared for awhile.

    • Dated a Croatian Domination says:

      You are right! It does depend on the person. I am American and my husband was from zagreb also. He told me of his friends cheating on their wives and he even admitted to cheating with women there in zagreb who were married and lonely. He felt bad but he liked not having a serious gf and he can do what he wanted. Anyway- when he came to America – we dated and ended up marrying and now I’m divorcing. He was in search of a green card. I was with him 2 years 2012-2014. He worked in Chicago as a bartender & then a truck driver. He cheated at the clubs “working” and when he would travel. I guess if your European and you come to America with a Visa – then ladies & gents- be very careful!! People will do anything for that little green card!!! It’s not love- it’s their survival. I realize that.

  4. Taylor says:

    Omg I was talking to this croatian on and off for 3 years and now it all makes sense. Around August 2012 we started talking again told me he won’t let anyone hurt me or touch me. He’s going into the army and told me all this shit. But recently around October 2012 he started showing controlling moods just out of no where told me I was obsessive for posting lyrics on fb because he took the assumption they were about him all the time blocked me from everything and when I wanted to know the truth as to why he randomly blocked me from any contact he told me it was a test to see if i was obsessed and told me it was true. I cried for a whole month over him before just now December 11,2012 when I finally put the pieces together and find out that it’s just his nature. All I did was try to show I love and care about him and would be there for him through everything especially when he’s away in the army. But that wasn’t good enough I guess and when people that cared for me decided to get involved on their own he blew up my phone threatening a restraining order on me and everyone i associate with. Like honestly I don’t control what people do.

  5. Maria says:

    Well, I have to say I laughed when I read this. I’m married to a Croatian man and am very close and involved with his five million extended family members and friends (all croatian) and have noticed a few things about their beliefs, behavior and qualities. Obviously it’s not possible to generalize them TOO much because people are all different, but I have to say, some things do seem ingrained in all of them culturally.

    1. They’re by and large arrogant and conceited. I don’t know where it comes from, but they all think they are the best looking person wherever they go, best at everything, etc.

    2. They’re LOUD! Italians have a reputation for being loud, but Croatians are louder! They’re always yelling over each other. In a perfectly quiet room where they’re standing 3 feet away from you, they will still yell whatever they’re saying at you.

    3. The men are jealous. My husband’s gotten a lot better about this since we first met. He isn’t controlling or abusive or sexist, but he does have old school beliefs about certain things, like being friends with exes for example.

    4. They’re all Catholic. (But most of them don’t act that way)

    5. They all have gigantic families, with like 500 extended relatives and they are all close. That’s an exaggeration KIND OF, but it’s also kind of true. Get ready for “My big fat croatian wedding” meets a european version of “everybody loves raymond” if you plan to get married to one.

    6. They have mommy issues. Because they are raised in close knit families, and believe strongly in the sanctity and importance of family, Croatian men are usually mama’s boys, that’s true. At the same time, they seem to mostly have issues too. I think it’s BECAUSE they have such a strong family ethic, are so tied into their families and want to keep peace among their families, that they hold back from saying a lot of things to their mothers that they’d like to say. They bottle up all their feelings and tend to let their mothers dictate their lives in a way which causes a lot of resentments and women issues in general. I think a lot of times (not with my husband but with other croatian men i know) they feel so helpless in the mother-son relationship that they take it out on the women they date by exerting EXTRA control, and a lot of times just being angry and so on. I think this behavior will usually change if the man finds the right woman. But unfortunately a lot of OTHER, “not right” women will deal with their crap before that happens.

    7. They are mostly pretty loyal. Obviously not all of them are faithful, in fact some are huge sleazeballs like in any other culture, but I have noticed that MOST -married- croatians stay together

    And I’m sure there are other things I can’t think of right now

  6. Adrian says:

    Well, after reading all this I felt the need to comment.
    I’m Croatian, 26 years old, living in London for over three years now. I can give you some insight in the psyche of a typical Croatian man.
    As you probably know, Croatia is a wonderful country, especially the coastal region, Dalmatia, accordingly the most beautiful Croatians live there. Guess it has something to do with the climate, sun and the sea. To generalise would be to say we’re talking about tall handsome guys, very aware of their looks, confident but at the same time a bit stubborn, sensitive and overly protective. You have to understand Croatia is a traditional environment with specific cultural views, would go far as to say narrow minded. Now, even though we are speaking about the majority not all Croatians are like that. There are so many wonderful and caring guys. You can tell them apart straight away by the way they treat you. Guys with long term experience of living abroad usually alter their behaviour, to better or worse, depending of the circles they navigate. Yes, Croatians have a strong bond with their family, which I consider to be a great quality. Also they’re honest and kind and most of them has good manners, for example, almost every guy will open the doors for you… Some guys lead more explicit lives, being aware of their good looks. They wait for the summer and basically sleep with lots of different foreign girls. We called them seaguls. Not many of them are doing this but if I you meet a handsome, tall guy, that is a bit too perfect and comes at you a bit too strong you should be aware who you’re dealing with. Also Croatian guys find foreign girls exotic. I believe it has to do something with Croatia being inhabited mostly by Croatians. American girls are perceived as…well, I’m sorry to say that, easy. Same as Czech and French girls. Not sure why is that, but that’s how it is.
    If you find a decent guy, and many of them are, and decide to go in a relationship, trust me, you won’t regret it, they are protective, caring, sweet and mostly handsome. They might get a bit protective, for example if a guy hits on you or disrespects you in his presence. I don’t believe violence is the answer but in that situation I wouldn’t consider another option. We have a short fuse when it comes to that type of situation. Also if you talk bad about their family or behind their back they will get badly offended. I guess it’s not nuclear science. Treat your man good and he will treat you the same. Also, Croatian guys are known to be cuddly… not sure why is that but when they fall in love they just turn sweet and a bit childish, not all of them but most of them. The good thing is they rarely cheat and really express their emotions. They would never hit a girl as they find this the most horrible act a man can do, worse than cheating. Well, I hope this will be helpful. From my perspective. I’ve been in a relationship with an Asian girl for over teo years now, love her as I’ve never loved anyone, ever. Never cheated, never would. Currently we are in a long distance relationship, she went back to Asia for an undefined period and still I’m faithful and honest. I like to drink (not too much, and not too often), dance, drink coffee (all the Croatians love coffee, but espresso not the big Starbucks ones, we spend at least half an hour a day sitting on the sun drinking coffee). Most of Croatians are smokers… Oh, important bit. Croatian guys are mostly amazing in bed, from what I’ve heard from my girl friends. There is this myth going around… I guess they’re dedicated and quite open minded. All this refers to men from the coastal part as I don’t know that much about the inland type but I know, they’re shorter, chubbier, balder and definitely colder. Not all of them but most of them. Also they like drinking way more…
    Huh, this turned out to be such a long post.
    Hope this helps.


    • Mari says:

      You spund like a great guy.. Tell me more about croatia .. Skype: altermari06

    • reb says:

      Croatian guys are all amazing in bed haha, how would you know?

    • Carlyn says:

      Please excuse me, but i have been together with a Croatian for 4 years we have 2 children and he tells me that he will never marry me. He likes to go out to places that he has been invited like his friends wedding or other special event or any Croatian festival etc. he never takes me to those special events. He likes to go alone with his male friends, he gets nicely dressed up puts on creed perfume and he says, ” JUST IN CASE” ?? He tells me then that next time he will take me to a special event, but that never happens. Next time he gets invited he tells me that i can not go because i have to stay with the kids and that they are too much bring with us. Once he went to Florida and stayed at his friends house, i was calling him every day to say good morning and every night to say good night. A year later i found several photos taken in Florida at a bar restaurant he was sitting with a woman that he just met at that bar. He was hugging and kissing her on the photo. I really felt like a fool after seeing those photos and many other photos of him and many different women at many different places “promising photos”. He likes to talk and get phone numbers of every woman he meets and then come home to tell me that he met a hot woman with big breast and big butt and that he got her number. He says all the time that the women he starts a conversation wherever he goes to are very interesting and get dressed beautifully. I tell him that if i had their time i would look better than them. I think is not fair to me because they have no children and i do. so why does he has to be talking to single women when he has a family waiting for him at home? What can you tell me ? Adrian

  7. Isla says:

    I met a Croatian man last year cuz of business reason. First time we met there’s already an attraction, but he have a girlfriend. We tried to be friends and focus on our business but our attraction is strong and we had an affair. He felt bad cuz he said he’s not a cheater and I am not a relationship breaker.. I fell in love with him, it’s hurts, he’s the only guy I slept with since fall of 2011. He said it will not work between us, I leave in California and Chicago cuz I have 2 kids in California, I’m a divorce mom and he wants kids in the future. I feel bad for us… Cuz of everything that happened. I tried to be friends but the chemistry is there… Last time I see him for business meeting I asked him to shake hands with me that we will not have sex again… I know & sense that he did not want that.. But he did not disagree either cuz it’s the best thing to do. I’m Hurt & Sad cuz I fell in love with a Croatian Man ( unavailable Man)

    • Vezna says:

      They do shit like this all the time.They do not give a shit.

    • Carlyn says:

      Isla don’t be friend it happened with you and he can do the same to other women. Like my Croatian boyfriend and a bartender named Angelina from Bulgaria. He brought a perfume that she wanted and instead of just saying thank you with a handshake she went over and gave him a hug. Then he comes home to tell me that the bartender gave him a hug and kissed him. He seen her 4 times at the bar. Disrespect

  8. lubicia says:

    I married a Croatian (Europe Born) My heritage is Croatian and I’m American born. Both college educated and this was a life of complete hell for 49 years. I stayed because of my children and religion . An individual from my past tried to have me leave and make a life with him which I regret not doing so. My advise to women contemplating marriage with a Croatian European born is to stay away and run as fast as you can. They are users and abusers. Two different cultures do not mix in a marriage.

  9. Sara says:

    Lubicia, your husband was user and abuser, you can find that kind of men in any culture. Don’t blame his nationality for your problems. Most of women wouldn’t stay in that kind of marriage for 49 years anyway :/.

  10. Mark says:

    I’d like to share my experience with It’s actually more of a social network thing for people who would like to meet travel mates from different countries. The good thing about it is that it’s totally secure because they have the feature of video chatting with these girls so you’ll not share your personal contacts unless you’re 100% sure.

  11. Marija says:

    I would like to share my personal experience as well as experience of all of my girlfriends and female colleagues from work. I am Croatian girl and have lived here for 33 years.

    I dislike Croatian men and would so much like to move from Croatia and find a job elsewhere, only because of them. I will definitely move to Western Europe because I cannot find a husband here.

    Croatian men are, firstly – VERY SHY WITH WOMEN. Just look around the caffe bars in any Croatian city:you can see girls and boys sitting on different tables, never together, boys watching girls and sarcastically commenting something. They would never approach a girl and start a conversation. They are SO AFRAID of being rejected that they do not even try. They try when they are drunk.

    Croatian girls took over. Girls do everything, really: they have to make the first, second, third and every other move, while men are EXTREMELY PASSIVE. Even in marriage, they just sit on the sofa watching TV in their slippers. They never do the housework. The typical scenario is like this: around 5 p.m. both men and women come home exhausted after work and pick up children from school. Then, the men says:OOOh, I am so tired, and lies on the sofa, watching TV, while the women prepares dinner, serves the table etc….He is just asking:why does it take so long? After dinner, he never cleans up. He NEVER EVER does ANY housework. Especially when there are relatives or other men present, this is considered as a sign of weakness. In Croatian language, they call the men who does some housework: “papucar”, which means – “the men with slippers” (ironically it means that he is staying at home, doing unmanly work).

    Also, Croatian men dislike when women are more educated or more successful then they are. I heard even the highest intellectuals saying something bad about their wives in terms of intelligence (for instance, my wife went to less respectable university than me). They just act in front of the public to be happy, but they are not. And they would never confess that they think like this, but you have to get to know them to realize this is the truth.

    This is the only truth. All women I know are telling the same story. I know what you might be thinking – how do my friends look – they are all very beautiful, inside out. And sad because they wish so much to fall in love, get married and raise children, but cannot imagine getting married to such outdated men. Also, they do not feel any attraction because of this passivity. Even if they feel passion at the beginning, when you see that he wants mother, really, and not a wife – how can you be attracted to him?

    I am moving from Croatia.

    • lee says:

      I’m also Croatian,and a woman. I don’t think you’re right. I know some men who act like that but most of them are not. The thing is,your ego is probably too big for them. Or you’re too weak to control them. You,after all,have to be strong to survive in Croatia nowadays. No wonder you’re moving out. (On a side note,I’m from inland Croatia,never developed contact with coastals-I know they have more bad qualities.)

    • reb says:

      lol, well I hope you find yourself a husband abroad then, but other Europeans are also shy. French are such reserved people and Engliish are bold only on the internet :)

  12. Dave says:

    This is a story about falling in love with a Croatian woman. Everything you say about the men are 100%…I’ve met the siblings and relatives. Arrogant, Always Right, superior to other races, jealous, boastful, think they are God’s gift to the universe. Users and Abusers.

    The live in the stone ages, say ridiculous and prejudiced things, bred to marry, stubborn and have no respect for anyone who is not Croatian. As for Catholic…I’m Catholic and a Croatian Catholic church is not.

    They post at the front door what people donated…never been in a catholic church that believes in shaming others less fortunate. Also at a funeral the so called priest said he didn’t want to do the funeral (to the present family members) because they were not regular church goers. NEVER HAVE I EVER HEARD OR SEEN SUCH shameful things being done or said.

    Tied to their mother’s apron strings (while always at odds with their fathers because of this fact –basically they live like Raymond in everyone loves Raymond.) All the women of the family cater to them and they can still be taking family welfare at 35. They are treated like gods because they have a penis….even if they are the stupidest thing on two legs. I had her brother (who claims he is the handyman of all handymen) put up a micro wave shelf and a pantry. The shelf was crooked and he forgot the top board for the pantry. Was I allowed to tell Mr. out to lunch ….. now his ego was goo paper thing and his temper too viscious. So there still sits the the worst kitchen job in history.

    Basically these guys are the biggest babies in the world….boasting every place they go, trying to be cool in their speedos, talking down to women like crap, staying on top of the pile because Mama and Daddy buy them everything and let them keep every cent they make.

    ALL I CAN SAY…. THERE SHOULD BE A HAZARD LABEL ON THESE GUYS…they cheat, they lie, they steal or sit home like big babies waiting for someone to cut their lawn and shovel their snow. Also you will be so stuck with Mama…its MY Big Fat Greek Weeding by 10000…and look at those relatives and how little they thought of the non Greek.

    THEY ARE ALL CRAZY…and just like in the movie want you living next door so they can control your life.

    RUN LADIES RUN! Basically its 50 Sades of Screwed Up!

    • bebe says:

      I concur. I had a doozy myself. Lied, cheated, stole, jealous and a mama’s boy. His whole family was CRAAAAZY.

    • vee says:

      Totally agree.

    • lee says:

      Well,if you’re a man,you’re probably just jealous,because your American parents kicked you out of the house when you were 18,right? Just kidding. The fact is,Croatians live with their parents because-guess what?-they have no other choice. Rents are fucking expensive. Most people who use rented apartments are college students,for a short time. And with unemployment rate standing at 50% for YOUNG people,no wonder they won’t get bank credits for a long,long time. It’s just you choose to ignore these facts,because it’s easier to say Croatians are lazy then actually try to learn something. Who’s lazy now?

    • reb says:

      you are dating someone from a remote village lol and then you post here your experience as some kind of rule, ” priest said he didnt want to do the funeral…” I bet you read it in the newspapers, and why was it in the newspapers?! cause it s an anomalie! not even catholic church is that crooked in general

  13. D says:

    I am married to a CROATIAN MAN for over twenty years and we are together for 22 years, he is great man, all round and I have no regrets. We have a son, I ma not Catholic but my son and husband are, and we don’t go much to church, However we have a good life and living in CROATIA I and my son are South Africa born and have learned the languages.

  14. Dalmatinac says:

    Girls, if you haven’t got the point in the first post – this girl had the mind blowing sex. And that’s why she stuck with the guy. This is not to say that she was an angel. Most likely not since she was looking for the rebound boyfriend. Normal ppl take some time off to cool off, fu.. up girls jump on another co..k. ?Same for guys. Croatian men are not much different from other other guys. Exception self esteem ( you call it arrogance ) .. the thing is you call it arrogance when you hate us, self esteem when you like us. Well guess what, 95 % of women here that bith..ed about us are pissed f.. loosers who either lost us bc. they couldn’t keep up with hot Norwegian or Croatian local girls (mostly Dalmatian) :) .. I am not going to stoop down onto your level and bitch about English, or Austrian or what ever girls.. were all different, however, I’ll say this… if you cant’ keep up with Croatian men – get yourself an emancipated ‘westerner’. If you are on the hand, up to the challenge, strong cool funny girl.. we’re happy to have you.

    • c says:

      Oh don’t flatter yourself about your Croatian “man-children” so much. There’s not much challenge there. Your post is laughable at best.

      • Cg says:

        OmG, I can’t even believe you guys are having this discussion.
        Honestly, you can’t judge anyone by their nationality or religion,
        We’re all individuals..
        As what you’ve said for the churches that lay out the data of what someone has donated or not wanting to hold a funeral, can’t be true. Even if it is, it’s one in a million.
        And for you girls who have been disappointed in a guy because he’d get mad at those who’d hit on you, can you really blame them, what would you do? Btw. They’re not doing that because they’re Croats, but because they’re men!
        Families are really important to most of Croats because we’re raised in a healthy inviroment where you can lean on your family whenever you need and you’re always avaliable for them, it’s just the way it works.
        As of my experience, I can’t complain about anything, they’re hotblooded, caring and able to fulfill any dream I have.
        And for the croatian girls complaining: Don’t bitch about the men when you obviously have some personal problems; speaking from personal experience, when you find the right one, you’d NEVER EVER change him for anything.
        P.s. As I’ve said, a few similar characteristics do not define all men population of a country.

  15. Amy says:

    Most Croatian mens are very much like any other European guy. People in Croatia are having pretty much same life like people in Germany, Sweden, Poland or anywhere else. They get divorced, they have job. Croatians are definetly not abusive or controle-freak. People are there also emancipated, normal. It’s ungratefull to judge people by theire ancestry or religion. Most “type of people you have described” you can find in Texas.

  16. vee says:

    Croatian men are an emotional nightmare.Do not even go there.In my experience they are always looking for affairs behind their wives’ /GFs backs.They will be sleeping with you and sleeping with as many other women they can lay their hands on at the same time.These guys are Australian born though.Mummy and daddy might teach them all Australian girls are sluts and are just a sexual commodity to be used and disposed of.Apparently greeks and Italians are the same package deal.Maybe.IDK.However you can meet the wrong people from some countries/cultural backgrounds as well.

    • lee says:

      vee,I will repeat myself again as a Croatian and a woman:if you’re constantly being cheated on by Croatian boyfriends,the problem is in you. Yet it’s really easy to blame others on your problems,right? And it must be about their nationality,of course. If you were cheated on by 2 or more boyfriends (Croatian or not),either you choose the wrong type of person or you’re such a bad person you deserve to be cheated on. Based on your hate comments so far,I would suggest the other option.

  17. Vezna says:

    Oh I forgot.They are always pissing in your ears about other women and their past relationships.They come up pretty poorly in an Australian context but so do Italians.Tied to mummies apron strings.No one compares to their mother and both cultural groups have pressure on them to marry/breed Italian or Croatian only.

  18. boo says:

    I date a Croatian man for three months. I couldn’t handle him they all posaway,they always trying to control you they armpit smell like sh** they don’t like taking shower I will never date a Croatian man again never

  19. hurt says:

    I feel so foolish I am seventy something and had this delicious Croatian man (56) wanting to see me. I was so flattered that I agreed to see him. You already thinking what a fool, well He met my 26 granddaughter and she walk off with him. Don’t think to much of her now, never want to see her or him. I just hurt so bad any suggestions?

  20. Cro/Aussie says:

    What a load of tripe,I’m an Australian of Croatian heritage.I meet my wife 20yrs ago while living in London.She is a Zimbabwean of German heritage.We have to 2 kids and a happy and busy life.1 poster here made comment to husbands being jealous if the wife earns more money or has a better career,what rubbish. My wife earns double what i earn and has a great career path and i couldn’t be happier.Without me being home to take care of things her career choice would of been tougher as she needed someone in the background to take care of things.The last thing she needs is to come home to carry out home duties.For the last 12 mths i have been home taking care of the kids and house hold while my wife has been at work.In that time i have done all the duties that my wife would of if she was at home.The cleaning of the house ,shopping,cooking dinner and cleaning up after.The washing of clothes,hanging them up to dry,bringing them in and folding and putting them away.I pick up and drop of the kids at school,help with their home work.I also do all the maintenance around the home as well inside and out.
    To top all this off,after 20yrs i love my wife even more than when we 1 st started dating and i have never been unfaithfully .

    • myself says:

      i’m married to a croatian guy, and happily married i might add. i too care about my career a lot and currently earn more money than he does. my job is very stressfull and takes most of my time of the day. in the mean time he takes care of things at home, does exactly the same things you do for your wife. it’s something that we agreed right in the start; i asked for his support because of my career and he agreed to it. and everything works just fine. i often come home very late and i have never experienced jealous episode in our marriage. nobody cheated on anyone either. i don’t think of him as “croatian” but as a normal, loving, good human being.

  21. niko says:

    To this day it still amazes me that the majority of people don’t give any kind of comment, unless it’s something bad.

    It’s pretty obvious, having been here a year ago, and the editing that’s been done. There are a lot of people raging over a broken heart, which is why they are commenting here, because the OP changed such an uplifting story to that of pure dog shit, out of anger because of a break up.

    My boyfriend of a year and a half is Croatian, and he is by far, the most respectful, caring, and loving man that I have ever come across. He refused for over a year about any kind of “physical affection” because he didn’t want me to think that was anything that he really cared about, and even still refuses anything that could be considered “demeaning” in any way. I am an American woman, living in Croatia, by the way. He’s gotten jealous, as any person does, when they really care about somebody, because it’s a natural emotion, and I love that. There is nothing greater than knowing that somebody truly loves you, and doesn’t want to lose you over anything, especially not over another person, let alone for his own benefit. He’s never given up on me, even when he should have. He’s done nothing but love and support me, when nobody else has.

    This man has shown me more respect, and love, than anybody, even family, ever has. People are people, no matter their nationality.

  22. Jaybird says:

    My boyfriend is Croatian and literally the sweetest guy I have ever met. He’s incredibly loyal, protective, but not overbearing, very musically gifted, and the biggest cuddler I’ve ever met. My family and friends love him, and he treats women of any age with utmost respect. I’m sorry that you guys have had bad experiences with men from this region, but honestly there are jerks everywhere. Before I met my boy, I was in a five year long mentally abusive relationship with an American guy that was incredibly difficult to leave. After some time, I met my current boyfriend and he helped me overcome all my adversity to the male gender. His dad is a really nice guy too. I wish all of you much better luck with the men you meet in the future. Cheers!

  23. Anna says:

    Everybody’s different. There’s this Croatian guy I have fallen in love with. He loves his family and he seems very religious. I got to know him for a bit and wow he’s such a friendly and bubbly guy! I wish he could like me back though because I love him so much ( I hope he doesn’t know ) but how do I get with him? I really want to know him better. We’ve hugged and talked but I really want us to be good friends.

  24. Matte says:

    Has it ever crossed your mind that the fact that Croatian men care more about important stuff like family and faith, than about some easy skanky ass American bitch, is pretty normal and makes sense?

    • Anna says:

      I’m not American. I’m from the east though. Would he still date me because of the massive height difference?

      • reb says:

        I know a guy who s lived in Croatia all his life, there isnt one single black person here, and he s crazy about black girls. So he went to the US and married a black girl last year, I know him in person, 30 smth guy :) adn black for us that s quite exotic. I heard recently about another 20smth who married or wants to marry a girl from Singapore, and he wants to live there(she on the other hand wants to live here). Now Indians are wonderful and look like Croatian girls in some area. SO why not? Especially if he has lived abroad for some time, if he has seen a bit of world. :)

  25. Autumn says:

    I am a cultured, chill, confident, and persistent 21 year old African American woman. I’m not the typical American girl. And I am definitely NOWHERE NEAR an “easy lay”.

    I met an amazing Croat man near a small Bosnian neighborhood in Lawrenceville, GA. He was SO very sweet. He said was interested in me because of my height (seeing that he was a very tall 6’4 man and I am 5’10) and kindness (b/c Americans esp. in the South can sometimes be close-minded and coarse with foreigners).

    He never stopped telling me from day one how strongly he felt about me. I was not interested at first. He could not have been more of a gentlemen in approaching me. If he was doing too much, I would shoot him a look and he would back off like A LOT sometimes only stopping to say hello. I would have to continue the conversation in which case he would become very PASSIONATE with his feelings. He kept pursuing me for awhile in a VERY passive manner until one day I’d grown accustomed to his passionate way and gave in. Sadly, things had to end before they could really become serious because of my travels for school.

    However, he could not have been any more of a gentleman. I mean it was always breath taking being with him. A good relationship, esp a cross-cultural one is up to you. If you are incompatible you can’t blame his culture for it.

    It was a great relationship and I will never forget him for the rest of my life.

  26. Mara says:

    Holy cow, ladies.
    So many of you are SO right on!!
    I’m an American married to a Croatian man for 8 years.
    All the above descriptions are SPOT ON!!!:
    “Emotional nightmare”, “THERE SHOULD BE A HAZARD LABEL ON THESE GUYS”, “ex-communist-bloc mentality”, “50 Shades of Screwed Up”, and CRAZY!
    I couldn’t agree more.
    These all will be familiar traits:
    Jealous, self-centered, GREAT in bed, loyal, family-oriented, want a breeder, mama’s boys/looking for a mama to marry, angry, loud, full of shit, whatever they can get/take they will, short-tempered, drinkers, smokers, intolerant, intelligent, athletic, well-educated, arrogant/confident, insane, handsome, tall, sexxxy as hell, “live for today” attitude, won’t use birth control, terrible with money, impractical.
    A very good chance of a lack of modern hygiene and grooming. He’ll work really hard away from home and obsess over ‘providing’ for the family, but do absolutely NOTHING at home-other than maybe grill out. He will FULLY expect you, dear sweet wifey, to DO IT ALL. From taking out the trash, to ironing his clothes, to getting your car fixed, shopping, cooking, child-care; every damn thing that happens at home YOU will do. It will never occur to him to do otherwise.
    Do not make idle conversation with him, do not question him, do not expect him ever talk about or put any effort into the ‘relationship’. Do give him whatever mama cooked/did/made.
    That’s so how it is.
    I’m not saying that’s all bad, and you certainly could do worse. But…be prepared for drama.
    He’ll love you up one side and down the other! :) but also drive you NUTS. “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” is quite accurate. If you can handle that, it may be a fun ride. It will definitely be one Hell of a ride!

  27. Actually no matter if someone doesn’t know then its up to other
    people that they will assist, so here it happens.

  28. phills.B says:

    i’m sorry that you and your friend had these bad experiences with croatian guys. as i am croatian i can tell you that unfortunately a lot of croatian guys are very religious and a bit antiquated, but this has nothing to do with the croatian culture. it is more the upbringing that they received from their families.
    i know a lot of croatian people and families (including mine) who are very modern, not really religious and cosmopolitan. i honestly believe that you should judge every person individually, not based on bad experiences you have with one nationality. same as you wouldn’t judge a book by its cover ;)

    also i’m really sad to see that croatian girls write about how a croatian guy would never cheat on a croatian woman because “we know how to treat a man”. haha. this does not depend on nationality, only on character ;)

    greetings from europe!

  29. confused says:

    I have been with a croatian guy for 2 months and everything I’m reading is spot on so far, He lives in syd and I’m 2 hours south, he expects everything from me including in the bedroom but won’t do anything to me…..I was told by the 2 friends that i have been allowed to meet that i wouldn’t find a better guy but there is so much that I’m learning that they don’t know, I have bruises on my chest from where he had his hand on my throat to give him more pleasure, legs, arms from how rough he has been with me and when I told him he was hurting me he laughed and said “its nothing”, I have asked a few random people what do they know about croatian guys and they have all said the same thing…..steer clear of them, they are nothing but trouble….I was trying to make up my mind about it all but this thread just made it a bit easier to make my decision, I went out with a bunch of good friends who i have known for 8 years, just a night in town with some of their gfs/wives we ended having a huge argument cause he accused me of cheating, His family doesn’t know about me, only 2 friends and thats only cause I met them 1 day, he has lied to me on a few occasions, he hides stuff from me, and if we go out its me that does everything for him

  30. reb says:

    Interesting experiences….
    Here s a Croatian girl from Dalmatia…lived abroad too, dated Westerners as well….there are jerks everywhere, big jerks lol, there are English who are so crude and rude and unfaithful, they are not very well educated either!!They are also a bit too kinky and wild, I mean UK girls all use vibrators and all sorts of sex gadgets, and they all think it to be cool!!they sleep around, mostly wear mini skirts when they go out, they jump into a guy s bed, and in the morning they think “why this croatian guy does not respect me!!” for your information they dont respect croatian girls who do that either!! americanos and englese lol, they have such a bad education, I mean English are well educated and can spell only if they attended so called Grammar School which is I hear, expensive and only rich people go there, or at least wealthy ones, they usually blame their spelling errors on their supposed ” dyslexia”, I have never met so many dyslexic people in my life! They all say they are dyslexic, I think it is just bad education! Yes, they cook, they clean…but that s cause they live on their own.,, they have to! Croats also cook and clean when they live on their own for some time, but helas…we dont have that kind of standard, we mostly do not live on our own until we get married or if parents have enough money to buy us a flat, cause nobody would take a loan on 10% interest rate for the next 20 years!! I know Croat guys can cook and clean too lol, cause my bro didnt do any of it when he was still living with our parents, but now when he lives on his own, he does everything!! Oh he still doesnt like cooking and eats out as much as he can, but so do English- they also rarely love cooking lol. I have English friends! So these comparisons to a degree are pointless. I also know men from other countries, I lived abroad in a few places out there…West- as you would call it, yeah, west. Let me tell you…Croatia is so various, men are different in each area…depends also if they are educated or not, if they are mummy s boys or not (as per my experience, mummy s boys are everywhere, very few men are not, but suprisingly I met daddy s boys in England TOO!! up until then I didnt know they existed). Westerners are supposedly independent, sound more mature than Croatian guys, have more money, can provide better life, but from my experience, I d say Croatian men I met and dated were more menly and more healthy in their head- in the sense you know who they are, you can pinpoint all their weaknesses, you can see who they are, they are sincere, faithful, they re fair play so to speak. There are other types as well, like anywhere, but this is what I noticed. If a girl gets pregnant, they will ask her to marry them!! Dont pretend you dont care about this cause that isnt true! No girl wants to be dumped when pregnant or made to have an abortion! They have good manners when matters, they wont open the doors for you and these kind of meaningless things, but they will ask you to marry them!!! Now that matters! They will protect you when need be, they will fight for you when needs be. Westerners are more sleazy about these things, they lost their manliness! Look at how most dress! Tight trousers, they look like a girl, men in Croatia would lough at them, like they lough at Italians, who use 1kg of gel in their hair and are the worst womanizers the earth have seen!! We know, we see them here in Dalmatia, quite a lot, they are married, but sleep with other women NO PROBLEMOS!! (italians). There is no Croatian guy that I know that is cheating on their wife, or a woman who divorced a guy over that! That s not a rule, that is an exception rather! Most are homey, Croats are shy guys, but so are English and Swiss for example. They dont chat up a woman just like that. I think that s a European trait, guys here are shy. Americans are different. We see them as big show men, they are all very comfortable talking to a camera, being approached in the street, they will ask a perfect stranger the most intimate questions in a room full of people. You Americans have different manners. Women in the UK for example…they sleep around and cheat on their husbands, plenty cheating on their husbands and many a times they are the guilty party. Their men are the same just like men always do, they try to hide their unfaithfulness! Women in Croatia, especially women in Dalmatia are so faithful! Guys, you want a Croatian wife from Dalmatia :) , try to find her! :) Anyways most ex communist girls are like that, traditional, but well educated(cause unlike yours our education is free and our school system is good), emancipated, but cooks and cleans for her husband because she is a home maker! :) We are not afraid to be one and we do not think it is demeaning to be a home maker!
    The west is turned upside down! Men are women and women are men! And they think of it as some kind of huge civilization achievement…
    Ok, now…it is true that Croats are mostly Catholics, now you need to know that Catholic mentality is the same everywhere (I am not a Catholic so I will say a few words about that), Catholic religion is a huge hypocrisy (by the way I am a Christian, just not Catholic), meaning what matters to a Catholic is what people see, not what God sees, they do not have awareness of God being omnipresent. So there is a certain percentage of hypocrisy there, Croats are not exception, they are the rule here, just like Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, South American, you name it…American Catholics might be slightly different due to the fact they live so close to Bible reading Christians and also they are in Minority, no matter how big minority, but still a minority, they still learnt protestant ethics there.
    So when you think of a Croatian, think Catholic! Now there are 2 types of Croats, children of ex communists and children of Catholics. Ex communists are more westernized as you call it, they are very liberal, and have picked up some westerner way of thinking in the sense that they will dump a pregnant girl, they will sleep around and they will live together unmarried for 10 years or more and then dump her or him. A child from a Catholic family is more traditional, goes to church, and is more concerned about traditional values. But Catholicism sucks! SO their religiosity sucks too, if not, minus catholicism they would really be great guys and girls. Catholic church as someone noticed on this thread is a big polutioner here, made in Italy! But it is a part of Croatian identity and some of it has a positive side. That positive side you d want to embrace, because Croatians are nice people in general, very hospitable, cheerful, honest, hardworking, givers, ambitious, beleives in God and respects a fellow human being, I do not know of a Croatian abroad who is not successful or who does not work hard! I m not talking about Croatians who are born in a foreign country, like 3rd generation born there, I dont know any.
    So, I was saying Croatian guys are different in different parts of Croatia, Dalmatians are, like many already noticed, jealous, can be possessive, dont do any home chores, they are macho, I personally wouldnt marry a Dalmatian(all these traits I think are due to a small town mentality, which is the same in any country- you generally care what others think more than anything else) , but they are also handsome, cheerful, honest, sincere, what you see you get, bubbly, they like singing, they are romantic and are a one woman man!! They are faithful. Guys from Istria are a bit like Italians, womanizers, a bit less manly than Dalmatians, but also less crude, by manly I also mean “there s that special something about men”.. Guys around Zagreb are nice and most polite of all, I like them best, guys from Medjimurje are ok, less possessive and cook and clean lol, more than Dalmatians. When you say they are loud, you mean Dalmatians :) . (But Italians are by far loudest guys and girls I ve seen). Guys from Zagreb, Istria or elsewhere are not loud.
    I also like guys from Dubrovnik , they are also very polite and nice men, you d want a husband from Dubrovnik or Zagreb :) . Slavonia is another area of Croatia, it s more village area, but not some remote villages, they are nice but I donno about their education. Guys from LIka(remote villages) and Hercegovina (croatian area in Bosnia) are such outdated men, there are always exceptions to the rule, but these are stereotypes in Croatian or better say Dalmatian way of thinking, as I am one, and is is not a “Bible” of course. But in general you dont want to date a guy from Lika or Herzegovina hehe. Hey, guys from Herzegovina and LIka dont get offended, my most fave guy I dated was from Lika :) . They are the tallest ones. :)
    Then it depends also if they are mummy s boys, Dalmatians usually are, but you can find these guys everywhere. But also there is a healthy relationship with one s parents and there are unhealthy relationships. I wouldnt agree with the assessment above that Croatians all have huge extended families and are all very close to each other. That s not necessarily true. Most families I know are quite dysfunctional in this sense and they mostly dont talk to their families lol, even if they live in the same house.(2-3 floors) We see our cousins and aunts etc.. at weddings and christenings, just like you people. But the simple truth is that we usually live and stay in the same city most of our lives and we dont go live elsewhere looking for a job like Americans do, so there s less circulation, and so of course you will see your aunt or your uncle on a bus lol, or on your way to work. You will go to a wedding and see them there, cause they know where to send the invitation, and so you have to go!! But if a person let s say goes to uni to another city and stays there, they dont have more close relationship with their aunts and cousins than you people do! (I m guessing this is an american website…maybe not,…whatever)
    So, experiences on this thread should be carefully dissected to see where everyone is coming from…I mean there are ladies on here who are over 60 as they mention they ve been married for 20, 30 years…well I dont think even Americans are the same 30 years ago and now, and so 60 year old men in Croatia are not the same as 20 year old men in Croatia! Then, a guy from south of Croatia is not the same as a guy from Zagreb or Pula (Istria), an educated guy is not the same as a guy with a primary school education, a guy from a village is not the same as a guy from a city. Just like someone said, guys described in some of the posts above, remind me of Texas guys I see in movies…I dont personally know any, but I watch movies and I see you also have stereotypes there. Of course that doesnt mean every Texas man looks and sounds like a steretypical Texas guy. Just by hearing about them, I wouldnt want to marry one lol, but then again there are wonderful Texas men outhere!
    What else…it was interesting reading some of your experiences with Croatian men, there arent many foreigners living in Croatia, so nice to hear some of you married Croatian guys and stayed here :) We have a wonderful climate and healthy living. The country is a mess at the moment, but hopefully it will get better, I am sure it will! You need to understand this country and its history. This is not America, we had wars here, many wars through centuries and many influences.
    Oh, also, one thing you need to know is that Croatian guys go straight home from work :) , unlike English who go to a pub and drink a glass or two! Even women there come home from work and open a bottle of wine!! “just to relax” (there are more women drunks there than anywhere else in the world). One more thing about Croats, they are not big spenders, but they are not stingy, they have goals, they save, they are low maintenance but clean, they like perfumes (Dalmatians at least).
    They take care of their parents, they dont leave them in homes for old people, they simply take care of their parents or they hire someone to cook and clean for them, if they have money, but they dont send them to homes, unless they are ill. Now, what do you call that? They respect their parents!! I d like a guy like that.
    But I will say one thing, they do lack maturity. I think it s mostly because they are forced to live with their parents until late. Sooner they move out, better. And if you have met him abroad, and he is living on his own, that s already very good! It s a natural process. One needs to take care of themselves to achieve a certain maturity. For that they need a smart wife too. But Croatians are good guys! I know my bro is! and all his and my friends are good guys!

  31. reb says:

    oh and, pick there, looks like it s in Zadar, no? :)

  32. Dated a Croatian Domination says:

    So, I really wished I read about Croatian men. I was friends with one who came to America. Then he pulled the charm- which you know they know how to talk to women, what I noticed is he talked like that to ALL the women. I saw it on his FB. He said that Americans are cold and that’s how they talk. Ok ok. I’m not trying to be jealous- so I said ok- well of you talk like that here – it looks like you are hitting on other girls while U are in a relationship. He said it’s just nice friendly talk—but really talking sweet to these girls like – come visit me- it will be my hearts biggest dream and desire- you could only make my biggest dream come true to see your beauty– bla bla bla.
    Long story short- I didn’t realize all of that till after we started dating and then he cheated as much as he could – worked at a club as a bouncer because he didn’t have his green card so as soon as he got me to marry him, he worked as a truck driver – cheated on me when he was on the road – he never came home- and some how always ended up getting routes to Vegas and Miami.. Where his friends had a place he could use while they were gone. He had 2 phones and I found numerous calls back to other women in croatia and he told them all he married for his green card. And he couldn’t wait to go back as soon as he made a little money to bring back. Hmmm-

    And that is my little nightmare- but to the Croatian ladies who claim they are strong enough to keep your man— haha! Ok, but he told me that you women deal with it and turn your head to keep peace as long as it’s not being thrown in your face you KNOW that the men are going to do what they do with other women. It’s because I believe that it’s just a physical need and that it’s not LOVE. He told me- that you women also, feel neglected when your husbands are out doing their thing and you also go and do your “thing”. He was with many married women in Croatia. He said when the marriage got better they stopped contacting him. Nobody fights and everyone just does what they have to do to make themselves happy.

    Sorry- I’m American -maybe women in croatia feel they have to turn their eyes away while the men are cheating and it’s normal- but in America – woman make just as much and more than men and we don’t feel like we have to stay in a relationship because the man loves us or is bringing home the money.
    American guys know how to love – but they also know how to treat a woman and RESPECT a woman (at least the ones that were brought up good) and not cavemen. I guess the best part of America- is women can be strong and we can leave a liar and cheater if we want we can work hard make our own money and be just as powerful! ;-)
    My little ex-husband boyfriend can go back to croatia and all his former 300 women who swarm at his 5 year ago “fighting” non pro.. Celebrity status… They can have his beautiful words and his truck driving money which he won’t spend on you because he is supporting his whole family in Croatia in it- that no one works) and they can help support him like I have for a year! What prizes these guys are!

  33. Jamie says:

    Wow! Such judgmental comments. I’m an American girl (Cherokee native) and married my Croatian sensation last year after knowing one another for just 4 short months. I have to say I’ve always known I would marry someone foreign. I absolutely love my marriage, there are good things and bad. I have to agree with a lot of what the Croatian guy wrote. My hubby is very loving, very loyal, supportive, sweet and protective. A huge cuddle bug…sometimes I literally have to peel him off me but, he’s a lover like no other. Food and family are the best part about their culture (and coffee, I love coffee too). Confidence and height are also true, he towers me which I love cause I also love stilettos and I don’t ever have to worry about the height of my shoes.

    I laughed out loud reading the comment about “them” not liking women who are more successful. Coming to America from another country is success all on it’s own. Leaving your family, learning a new language, culture, and lifestyle takes a lot of courage. My husband was in college when I met him, while I had already obtained my degree and am still currently working on my career…was one of the things that kept my Croat hooked.

    I’m saddened to read about the abuse, no relationship should undergo that negativity. My hubby is protective, and I feel safe with him anywhere but his jealousy tends to get the best of him sometimes…I keep it 100 with him so I think he’s gotten better but the first couple of months he was annoyingly jealous (checked my texts, Facebook, and snapchat etc.) reassurance usually helps, I think that’s the only insecurities their culture posses.

    Amazing lover, a little too dominant sometimes but you’d by lying if you have a V and say it’s not a fantasy…none the less, he can rock the boat. Im adventurous and he’s game so it’s always a good time.

    A little on the sexist side but the second you remind them that a women brought them into this world they’ll shut their big European mouths ;) needless to say, I’m very much in love with my husband…I love that we will continue to learn about one another because we have different backgrounds, and come from different upbringings and beliefs. A relationship is what you make it. Culture, religion, race, politics…none of that matters, love always wins.

  34. Marie says:

    Hi, I came across this for some reason and I read the blog and comments with much amusement. I think most rational people would agree that whether a man is good/bad, cheater/or not, possessive/or not, etc, has more to do with his own upbringing, circle of influence and personality rather than his nationality…

    I am American from LA, and I am with my Croatian husband (from Rijeka) for 6 years now, and he is still the most incredible, sweet, loving, generous, considerate guy I have ever met. He was born Catholic, but he is not at all religious like most ladies here mentioned. His family are amazing to me, even though I am a foreigner who come from such different background. And also, I met a lot of other Croatians who are really nice and helpful, I really think how you treat people is how they will treat you too…

    And if you think I’m biased, i have many friends here who are also foreigners married to Croatian men, and they are all happily married for years, with no such complains as some of the ladies here brought up.

    All in all, I think one should work on themselves to attract the kind of men they really wanted rather than to conclude their bad experiences on the nationality/race of the men.

    Good luck to all in love and life.

  35. myself says:

    it’s a pity that some ladies here judge the whole nation by several bad apples. imho, that way you are limiting yourselves for a possibility of having a good relationship.
    but one other thing crossed my mind while i was reading comments, it is that often some people are simply unable to understand different cultural customs of nations other than their own. they interpret different customs that are weird to them and label them as “bad”. for example, when i was younger, i was in a students camp in finland where i met, amongst others, a russian guy, greek guy, a guy from UK and american dude. it was interesting to see how we interacted with each other. me being eastern european got a long quite well with russian and greek guy. i mean, i was friends with the brit and american too, we all hung out, but when it came to certain jokes and humor, it seemed like us easterners and southeners got along better than westerners. people from the west usually don’t understand sometimes black and bitter humor used in the east of europe and vice versa. someone who is not very sensitive and observant and less tolerant would be offended by it which is not the real intention. i always found this cultural differences interesting and fun. we all have good sides and bad sides, it’s just the matter of what and how much you can tolerate. so chill ladies, croatian men are the same as everyone else… ;)

  36. Mario says:

    What the fuck! you people shit on Croatian guys so much that it seam that your behaver is even worst than than theirs.
    I don’t remember and frankly I wont bother to find the one who wrote that the all Croatian smells and they don’t wash at all; how the fuck do you know that?!!, are you some kind of World class whore and you fuck half of Croatian male population and draw your conclusion from that kind of research.
    And I low this; I was whit my Croatian for; “six weeks to twenty years” and “is or was” freaking horrible. If it is so horrible what didn’t you leave him, no you married the man you hate.
    Maybe we respond to kindles with kindles, is that wrong?
    And to that dalmatian; hey donkey some of the fattest people are in Dalmatia you self rigged fuck.
    And all of you Foreigners ladies, Dalmatia is only romantic when you have romantic guy, the Continental guy the intelligent guy, the guy from Zagreb and all the Cities and towns to Vinkovci.

  37. Robin says:

    I really like the Croatian peeps I found in my area! They are the most helpful & kind people! I have been dating a Croatian for about 2 months now and I see a lot of traits that are mentioned above in him, but knowing he was fighting for his country as a teenager, is extremely humbling. I could go on but, enough people have posted about what I would just reiterate.

  38. JP says:

    Croatian guys care about the important things like family, faith. Not like you cold sleazy American trash

  39. Maja Loncar says:

    Understandably, I have not had much experience in the dating area in life, but that is besides the point. Sure, us Croatians (both men and women) can be hot headed and think highly of ourselves, BUT we are still human like all other people in the world. Just because you had a bad experience with a Croatian man/women, it does not mean that the whole nation is considered users/abusers. Most Croatian families and couples are HIGHLY faithful and loyal to each other, you probably just found that small 2% of them that aren’t. Also, just because of your bad experience with your Croatian partner doesn’t mean that you can just assume that we are all cheaters and unfaithful, because personally we are one of the most loyal people in the world to our families and partners. It is in our nature to be protective f each other as we are a tight knit nation, so think twice before you make a full judgement on Croatians

  40. Chrissie says:

    All I have to say about this is I have slept with 3 different Croatian men in just fling situations. I was either visiting Germany or living in Germany when I ran into these men. (I’m American.) Each one of them was absolutely amazing in bed and a very passionate lover.

    Was I just lucky? Or does it have something to do with their culture?

    I guess a random sampling of three Croatian men is not necessarily scientific analysis, but my theory is this: Croatian men are great in bed.

    I’ve put the word out to my friends that when the opportunity arises, they should give a Croatian man a second glance.

    I’ve never been in a real relationship with one, but the fling situations are moments in my life I look back on fondly. No regrets. ;-)

  41. Croatian Guy says:

    I am a Croatian guy from Zagreb. My single mother moved us abroad when I was 14. I am 26 now living in North America. In the last 12 years, I spent a lot of time around men of different races and backgrounds. After 12 years abroad, I came back to Croatia in order to handle some estate and explore business opportunities for my firm. Here is my account.

    I would have to agree with some negative comments. Though I believe it generally varies per person, not the country, there are some very common traits among Croatian men.

    Disclaimer: there are good and bad apples everywhere. Here are some of my general observations about things that stood out about Croatian guys:

    1. they tend to be more cowardly than the other men I know

    The rate of entrepreneurship and innovation is so low, and the country is in such a terrible economic state. Men should be the ones taking risks. Most Croatian guys I meet are aggressive when watching soccer, drinking or fighting. When it comes to doing the right thing, they are nowhere to be seen. They never worked as teenagers, so they dont really understand the value of action and subsequent reward.

    2. they are self destructive and act asocially
    A lot of locals will say that their neighbour would rather help their enemy. Croatians can never agree on a common goal and carry it through, even though the path is clear and shows benefit. Sure the family gatherings always go down, but I believe that is more of a crutch for these guys I consider socially inept.

    Croatian women are abolutely superior to Croatian men. Most guys who cheat will cheat because they have weak willpower. You could be the greatest girl, but they are just not able to cultivate good relationships when they have the chance.

    3. they lack modern sophistication
    The whole Catholic thing is true. They will say that it’s the 21st century and all religions/backgrounds are equal. Bullshit. When they meet for beers, all they do is talk crap about people who are not from their country/race/anything.
    Croats talk too much and are unecessarily critical of situations and individuals. I always believed that criticism should precede action. Not with Croats, they just talk a lot of shit while sipping their coffee.

    Is there a solution to all of this? Absolutely. Croatians need to ditch the mamas boy mentality and stop hanging out with other men exclusively. If or when I have a son, I am going to teach him the value of hard work and independence, as well as risk taking and courage. I find that getting your kids engaged in rewarding activities really builds a substantial person.

  42. jelena says:

    Croats are the best looking men I have ever seen and God knows I have been around. BUT they are machos, they know everything and do not get in their way! Still…Just watching them walking around makes any woman feel safe and good. They are very very sexy.

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