Think it can’t happen to you? Look at Holly Petraeus, whose husband of 38 years, Gen. David Petraeus, recently resigned as head of the CIA after he was caught having an affair. How did both his career and (still pending) marriage go up in flames? Yep, just like many cheaters, Petraeus got busted over some inappropriate emails. Not too intelligent, that.

The former military official, now 60, was having an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell. It was Broadwell’s threatening emails to Jill Kelley, a 37-year-old Floridian socialite and Patraeus family friend that led the FBI to discover the affair.

On Nov. 9, Petraeus admitted his infidelity and resigned.

But let’s get back to these emails. Hell hath no fury like the other woman scorned for yet another woman (though Jill Kelley vehemently denies this and claims she and the Petraeus’ have been pals for five years). Broadwell, a 40-year-old writer and West Point graduate, resorted to something as lowbrow and sending anonymous messages to the woman she thought her married lover was cheating on her with. Um, OK.

But, while the general was trying to be “smart” about his cheating, he gambled on the wrong gal.

In fact, he and Broadwell even used a sneaky cyber trick to hide their affair: they drafted emails in a joint account they shared and which they could both read without a message ever technically being sent through Cyberspace. Clever, but not clever enough buddy.

I have written an entire book about online dating “Internet Dating 101: It’s Complicated . . . But It Doesn’t Have To Be: The Digital Age Guide to Navigating Your Relationship Through Social Media and Online Dating Sites” — which includes sections on the dangers of extramarital affairs and how to tell if your partner is cheating — and I have to tell you, no matter how smart you are you will get caught. The head of the CIA got tagged, for Pete’s sake. As devious as you may be, if he can’t do it, nor can you.

Cyber cheaters, your day of reckoning has truly arrived…


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