Is December 21 the end…or the beginning?

Time flies (whether you’re having fun or not, sadly). It seems like just yesterday was January 1, a 2012 full of hopes and dreams. And now here were are, mere days from from the purported apocalypse, otherwise known as Doomsday, the end of the world or, in technical terms, December 21. But if the world doesn’t end (and I’m really hoping here it doesn’t, as, I’m sure, do you), perhaps it’s time to make some changes as if it were. Give ourselves a new lease on life, as it were. Do the things we only dreamed of and say the things that are really in our hearts. Why have regrets?

I love to travel. Anyone who’s met me knows it’s my thing, and that I’m always wistfully making lists about the places I want to go. But on the eve of December 21st, the day that the Mayan calendar officially ends, I will not be dreaming of New Zealand, Denmark, Thailand or Venezuela. I will be thinking of all the people I love, and making sure I’ve told those that mean the most to me how much I care.

Yes, that means family, but I also believe it’s the perfect opportunity to let someone you’ve had an unrequited crush on for years know how you feel. Why wait? The world might end, after all.

In life, we always wait for the ‘right’ moment, the perfect timing. We pick the petals off of oxeye daisies, playing a never-ending game of ‘he loves me, he loves me not.’ We bide our time. But sometimes, when we wait for the moment to come, it passes us by.

If you muster up the courage and the person in question doesn’t reciprocate, don’t feel sad. Knowing is always better than wondering what might have been, and building the person who may never have worked out in the first place to be the one that got away. Knowing is better than regretting.

The Mayans believe that December 21st is not an actual ending, but the start of something new. I agree. You alone have the power to change your destiny. Be fearless, be strong. In the words of the awesome ’90s band Semisonic (and if you were born IN the ’90s, it’s the song Justin Timberlake can’t stop singing in Friends With Benefits) “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

With LOVE until the end,



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