I couldn’t have found a more perfect form of dating had I tried…and I didn’t. Try, that is.

If you’re a singleton with frequent flyer miles to spare, you’re going to be even happier than you were before (if you frequent flyer miles were for pleasure instead of work, of course) to hear about a new trend in dating. May I introduce airport dating, please? With whipped cream and sprinkles and hot fudge? Consider the guy you’ll be meeting to be the cherry on top of your man sundae.
The dating site Meetattheairport.com​ allows singles who want to mingle to so…at their departure gate. Or, if they’ve got some serious time to kill, in the terminal, at least.

It isn’t complicated, either (shameless self plug to decode more online dating strategies, read my book Internet Dating 101: It’s Complicated, But It Doesn’t Have To Be): all you must do is answer a few questions, plug in your flight info and departure airport and home that love actually happens.

Love, Actually happened at the airport, right? Sure, that was a movie, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could find love with a fellow travel ninja? A love ninja who, in fact, has already been scanned and X-rayed within an inch of his life and has passed the test of being both liquid-less and weapon-less with flying colors?

You never know who you might meet, or who you might fall in love with and Meetattheairport.com​ is just one more way of living the adventure of love.


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