Angelenos barely even eat…how can eating pies on a date be a good idea?!

To mark their one millionth date, an innovative dating site called HowAboutWe (which I – shameless plug here — wrote about in my book Internet Dating 101) shared the data on the most popular dating spots in various cities across America.

As a converted Angeleno, I thought I’d post specifically on what those top spots might be…and share my thoughts on some other interesting stats the site recalled.

The top locations for dates for dates in LA are as follows: the Griffith Park Observatory, Santa Monica Pier, LACMA, the Getty, and Chateau Marmont, where they specifically suggest trying the bananas and French toast.

All are GREAT dates spots, not going to lie. A guy that takes you to Griffith Park is a romantic, to LACMA or The Getty cultured, Santa Monica Pier young at heart and Chateau Marmont probably a bit of a scenester (or at least tries to be).

But the data compiled about what we LA folk eat on our dates is a bit odd to me. Keep in mind, Angelenos are probably the healthiest people in America, or at least the most diet-conscious. HowAboutWe claims that pizza is the number one consumed date food in the City of Angels, followed by food truck fare, cupcakes, froyo, and tacos.

The latter choices I understand more. We like things in small doses. But pizza? Unless you’ve been dating for awhile, I find this is kind of a gross option. It’s fattening, it’s greasy, it’s messy and — depending upon your topping — your mouth isn’t going to be in good shape for that coveted kiss good night.

Just trying to keep it real.


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