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Tao of Travel author Paul Theroux has sought out ten happy hot spots. Check them out here

Paul Theroux is a man after my own heart. Instead of seeking out the trendy on his travels, his quest is to seek out happiness around the globe. Theroux has been hot-footing it around the world and lingering in the places that fill him with joy. These locations are ”places where there’s fulfillment, good food and enough of it, good weather, families intact, and a sense that they don’t have a desire to look for something elsewhere,” the Tao of Travel author recently told USA Today. Can you imagine how easy it would be to live and love in a place where everyone is completely fulfilled by the quality of their lives? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to meet a guy who was totally satisfied with his job and the direction his life was taking, not constantly looking ahead to the next best thing? more…